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Minnie the Whippet stares off into the distance, sitting on a bench next to Kate

Minnie and her owner Kate

19 March 2018

"Minnie had terrible separation anxiety when she was younger, so it makes a huge difference to know that she’s with our borrower, Selene. They clicked the first time they met, I clicked with Selene, and it was all really easy from there. At no point was Selene a stranger - by the time I’d decided Selene and Minnie were going to spend time alone together, Selene was my friend. I know that Minnie is so happy when she’s with Selene and I know that Selene takes good care of Minnie, so I get real peace of mind. BorrowMyDoggy works out perfectly for everyone. It makes me happy, it makes Minnie happy and it makes Selene happy. It’s a win all round.” Minnie’s owner, Kate.

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