Lotti and her owner Henley

"I originally joined BorrowMyDoggy as I was struggling with mental health issues and one of my dogs was being trained to be my therapy dog while the other needed some extra attention and cuddle time. I received a message from a lady asking to borrow my pup as they had recently lost their family dog and I thought they could help. After meeting and explaining further about my dog Lotti, we have both been surprised with her as she can suffer from separation anxiety. I feel safe leaving Lotti with them as I got to know them well and know they are such caring people. There is so much love when Lotti is with her borrowers, she even jumps straight out of bed when they arrive to take her out. The lady's son has really benefitted from borrowing Lotti too, giving her love and attention, I can see it has helped him with the loss of their family dog. 

Many thanks for creating such a wonderful service for people, who like me, need help. I hate not being able to give her as much, as I had before training my second dog but the borrowers have eased the stress for me, my family and my dog. Many thanks again it has given me a new lease of life and taken some of my mental health issues away." Lotti's owner, Henley

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