Lily and her owner rhiannon

"As a single 'dog mum' with a full time job, I felt guilty that my dog, Lily, probably wasn't getting the exercise and attention she deserved. I joined BorrowMyDoggy in January so that Lily can get more social time with different people and environments. I found Angeline and Michael and we arranged to meet outside the local pub in our village. I don't think they were expecting her to be so big! They told me that they had a smaller dog in mind that they could handle easily. But within only a few days of walking Lilly they absolutely fell in love with her.

Now they take her out as much as they're able and love taking her to see the ponies down the road (they take a few carrots for them, if Lilly hasn't already eaten them that is!).

On Lilly's second birthday they arrived with toys, treats and a little card - It was so sweet! So if anyone is in two minds about joining BorrowMyDoggy, do it! Having Angeline and Michael is like having a second family and I honestly don't know where I'd be without them! - Lily's owner, Rhiannon.

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