Bo and his owner Nick

"I read that BorrowMyDoggy hadn’t had any romantic developments yet between owners and borrowers, and that was certainly never my intention, but that’s where we are now! Myself, my Collie x, Bo, and our borrower, Ceri, couldn’t be happier, so thank you so much for the wonderful service and unexpected benefits! I was left with Bo when a domestic change occurred in life. Enter BorrowMyDoggy! I’ve now got several lovely borrowers who have been helpful and fun, and great for Bo and myself. I met Ceri and her daughter Amy last year - fast forward a year, and Bo is now very much a part of their family, too. Ceri is an avid runner and Bo loves a bit of a jog, to the point where they are now running partners and have taken part in a Cani-x Cross country event together!" - Bo’s owner, Nick.

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