Xiosan and her owner Emmie
Xiosan is being cuddled and kissed by a human

Xiosan and her owner Emmie

20 March 2018

I've been using BorrowMyDoggy for three years and I absolutely love it. I've got three borrowers, who regularly borrow my dog, Xiosan. One couple started borrowing Xiosan to see if having a dog of their own would be possible as they run their own charity business. After a year, they got a dog and now Xiaosan hangs out with their pup. Another borrower is a police officer and Xiaosan goes on training days and walks in the Peak District. Finally, the other borrower is a circus performer and runs her own circus business and as well as Doga (doggy yoga) with Xiaosan. I love the mix - Xiaosan has a packed schedule of fun and love every week. From attending a board meeting, to walks and pub lunch in the Peak District to hanging out with borrowers, cats, other dogs and of course doga in the park. She is a very lucky doggy - Xiosan's owner, Emmie

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