Whiskey and his borrower Lynn
A close up of Whiskey's adorable scruffy face. He's black and brown and looking straight at the camera.

Whiskey and his borrower Lynn

19 March 2018

"BorrowMyDoggy is a no-brainer for any dog lover, and it has completely changed my life. I grew up with dogs in Scotland, but since moving to London eight years ago I haven't been able to have a dog of my own due to living arrangements. I really missed having a dog in my life so I signed up to BorrowMyDoggy and matched with Whisky - a beautiful Border Terrier who lives next door to me and who I take a couple of times a week. I am so much happier now, I get out and about a lot more and I've even become great friends with Whisky's owners. The days I'm with a dog are the best days in my week and it's an added bonus to know that I'm also helping out Whisky's owners by looking after her." - Whisky's borrower, Lynn

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