Tallie, Maia, Willow, Maddie and their owner Jeanette
A small, black tan and white dog with a curly tail stands on paving slabs looking up at someone

Tallie, Maia, Willow, Maddie and their owner Jeanette

20 March 2018

"BorrowMyDoggy has been incredibly positive for me. My health started to decrease, which meant that I couldn't take my dogs for long walks. I knew how much they were missing this important part of their lives, so I signed up. What a success it's been! We have found some fabulous friends for all 4 dogs, and as a bonus new friends for me. Thank you so much to BorrowMyDoggy, and all our new friends, for giving our girls back an important part of their lives. I couldn't praise our borrowers enough" - Tallie, Maia, Willow and Maddie's owner, Jeanette

A large brown dog sits in a garden looking at the cameraA grey poodle-coated dogs stands in a garden looking into the distance

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