Storm and his borrower Centli
Storm, a Husky, stands on a country path with his tongue out

Storm and his borrower Centli

10 July 2018

“I have clinical depression so my borrowed dog, Storm, has been hugely important, helpful, loving and balancing for me. I’ve been walking him for nearly two years, and I am so utterly grateful to him and his owner. They’ve gotten me out of my shell and helped me lose weight, too! I feel so genuinely grateful for the many years I've been with Storm; about 3 and a half years now. We've had so much fun and cuddling. Unfortunately life has changed for me and I don't have as much time. Storm's owner has been lovely and understanding. I dearly appreciate her and BorrowMyDoggy. I think I will go back to horses now, but maybe in future walk and love another dog with BorrowMyDoggy.” - Storm’s borrower, Centli, from Edinburgh.

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