Pip and her borrower Melanie
Pip, a Cavachon, sits on a padded seat looking out of the window

Pip and her borrower Melanie

20 March 2018

“Borrowing a dog is the best thing I have done in years! I travel around the country a lot for work, which means my time at home is often limited - obviously this is no good for a dog. I joined BorrowMyDoggy and now borrow Pip, a gorgeous Cavachon who is just perfect for me - he’s the right size, very well trained, doesn’t malt and his owners have adopted me, even though I am 48 and have my own family! The biggest benefit by far is the love of a dog with few responsibilities and great owners I get on with - both of Pip’s owners, Agnes and Ken, are so lovely.” - Pip’s borrower, Melanie.

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