Percy & Ferret's owner Jordi, and borrower Kelly
Percy & Ferret relax on a pile of cushions

Percy & Ferret's owner Jordi, and borrower Kelly

1 August 2022

"Sharing the love of my two Whippets with others is an incredible experience. BorrowMyDoggy has changed our lives dramatically - it allows the dogs to have a social life with plenty of exercise, whilst allowing me to work. Percy and Ferret are both really happy when they see their borrowers, and we’ve all become good friends, having drinks and meals on the regular. BorrowMyDoggy has been enormously helpful for Percy and Ferret, and for myself." - Percy and Ferret's owner, Jordi from Edinburgh.

“I’ve got the perfect arrangement through BorrowMyDoggy - I get to spend time with two lovely dogs, and I get to help out a busy dog owner in return. I absolutely love dogs, but due to work commitments and tenancy agreements, I'm unable to have one of my own. I've often wondered if there's such a thing as BorrowMyDoggy, and was chuffed to find that there is! I matched with Percy and Ferret, a delightful pair of Whippets. It was a breed that I hadn't had much experience with, and it's been great getting to know their funny little personalities. I couldn't recommend BorrowMyDoggy more. It's helped me fill the dog-shaped void in my life!” - Percy and Ferret’s borrower, Kelly, from Edinburgh.

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