Oscar and his borrower Sam
Sam holds Oscar in his arms in a park on an autumnal day

Oscar and his borrower Sam

20 March 2018

"My name is Sam and I'm a nurse from London. I joined BorrowMyDoggy last year while on holiday with some friends. We were talking about how we'd all grown up with dogs and really missed having a furry friend around the place. I have a hectic work schedule that is always changing, and I also live in a rented flat, all of things aren't really in keeping with having a dog of my own. So BorrowMyDoggy was the perfect alternative! I message a few members and then heard back from Oscar's owner. Since then I've formed a really good relationship with both Oscar and his owner. I regularly have him while she is at work, meaning I can make the most of my days off and she knows he is being looked after. I'd definitely recommend it and lots of my friends have signed up after meeting the little guy!" - Oscar's borrower, Sam.

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