Macey and her owner Birte
A super close up of Macey's sweet face, she has long hair in various shades of grey

Macey and her owner Birte

19 March 2018

“Owners should be aware of the huge benefits that BorrowMyDoggy can bring to their dog - the positive psychological impact on the dog is the biggest thing that owners won’t realise until they do it. Since signing up my Schnauzer, Macey, she’s more outgoing, trusting and she thinks the whole world is full of fun. She's more gregarious and confident through meeting so many new people. What’s so nice about BorrowMyDoggy is that it’s not about money, it’s about making other people and dogs happy. Everyone I’ve met through BorrowMyDoggy has been absolutely lovely and I’m very happy to share my dog with other people, when in return, I have a happier dog. BorrowMyDoggy is just a story of happiness - it does so many different things for so many different dogs and people. There is no one answer to it as it’s so diverse. It’s a lot like love. You don’t get poorer as you get so much back in return.” - Macey’s owner - Birte.

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