Jock and his owner Christine
Jock, a pure white pup, stares directly into the camera

Jock and his owner Christine

20 March 2018

"I work long hours sometimes and felt like my dog, Jock, would benefit from getting extra attention and love while I'm at work. He's 12 years old but still has a lot of energy! He has a few dedicated borrowers now and I can see such a difference. He's happy but tired on the days he gets taken out, and it's a huge peace of mind for me knowing that even when I need to work long shifts, my wee boy is still getting his meals on time and all the walks and attention he needs and deserves. I was even able to go back home to Canada for two weeks because of one of his borrowers! BorrowMyDoggy has been nothing short of a godsend for the both of us". - Jock's owner, Christine.

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