Gracie and her owner Carolyn
Gracie, a large dog with a curly coat, sits on a patterned rug

Gracie and her owner Carolyn

19 March 2018

“I feel BorrowMyDoggy is a brilliant idea - it’s helpful to dog owners, to borrowers, and of course to the dog itself. We have met some lovely people in our area using BorrowMyDoggy, all united by the love of dogs. We have been lucky to have our borrower, Yvonne, for a few months now. She is working hard through the week, but usually enjoys taking our dog, Gracie, for a walk at weekends. The benefits for Gracie are that she gets a young, enthusiastic person to take her for a good workout. She thrives on variety, and I think it’s good for a dog's mental health if their day-to-day life is mixed up every now and then with different experiences and by relating to different people. What’s more, it gives us a break now and then, but most importantly it means someone else gets the pleasure of a lovely dog walk along our beautiful coastline.” Gracie’s owner, Carolyn.

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