Dexy and his owner Helen
Dexy looks cosy wrapped in a green and blue blanket

Dexy and his owner Helen

19 March 2018

“I live alone with Dexy and I have a long daily commute to work, which means he’s often been left alone for long periods. The thought of him being alone was really upsetting me, and I don’t think it was much fun for Dexy! Although he was having a daily walk from me and then a walker in the afternoon, he wasn’t getting the cuddles and company he has always been used to. Dexy now has a lovely borrower, a retired lady called Christine, who walks him and spends time with him 3 - 4 days a week. I cannot emphasise enough what a difference meeting Christine has made – she enjoys being able to get out for a long walk and loves him so much. She sends me really lovely updates on what they have been up to together. Thank you so much to BorrowMyDoggy for a great service – you really are making a difference.” – Dexy’s owner, Helen from Chorley.

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