Daphne & Charlie, and their borrower Lilly
Daphne the dachshund stands proudly on a log in a park on a beautiful day

Daphne & Charlie, and their borrower Lilly

20 March 2018

"I joined BorrowMyDoggy as I'm currently in law school studying for exams and that makes for a bit of a lonely, non-social, sitting on your behind for hours on end life. I thought I would give BorrowMyDoggy a go! It’s only been a few weeks with Daphne and Charlie but all in all it’s made my drive and desire to be an Animal Welfare Rights Lawyer stronger. Animals are simply just better than humans… they are fabulous. Both Daphne and Charlie have great owners and I’ve now made some nice friends out of BorrowMyDoggy… so that has been a bonus." Daphne and Charlie's borrower, Lilly

Daphne gets comfortable in a cafe with a fetching necktie

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