Billy & MissTee, and their borrowers Adam & Emily
Two pale, long nosed dogs relax on a rug

Billy & MissTee, and their borrowers Adam & Emily

20 March 2018

"Being a huge dog lover I have always wanted my own dog and there has always been a dog in our family one way or another, but we currently live in a private rental property. Due to working hours we cannot justify leaving a dog in the house for 6+ hours a day when we do not have a garden. So we decided to join BorrowMyDoggy so we can help people walk their dogs for them when they normally wouldn't be able to! The experience has filled what I call a "void" in my life and it really makes me and my partner happy to meet new dogs and take them out for walks or even out on day trips. The obvious benefit of being a member essentially means we get to have a dog without the main responsibilities of vet, food and insurance bills for a mere £12.99 per year (approx. £1 per month) I get all the joy of having dogs in my life 2-3 times a week without the expense behind it. Secondly, being a borrower with doggy friends gets us out of the house more often so we get regular exercise ourselves without even noticing!" - Billy and MissTee's borrower - Adam and Emily.

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