Alfie and his borrower Ellen
A cute smiling dog standing on grass looks up at the camera

Alfie and his borrower Ellen

20 March 2018

"I was gifted a membership as a secret Santa present by my housemate last year. Living in a shared house of 8 means it’s unfair and impractical to have a dog of my own and this seemed the best of both worlds at the time. At that point, I had no idea that within the space of a week my mum would be diagnosed with breast cancer and my dad would pass away. When that did happen at the beginning of this year, I lost all sense of purpose and I was later diagnosed with depression. I started having Alfie regularly and he was easier to talk to than anyone else. Just having his company when I was in the house alone during the day made sure I kept a routine. Those small steps snowballed into my getting some formal help and counselling and I’m well on my way to being back to my usual self! Alfie has changed my life and I’ve no doubt I owe some of my recovery to him!" Alfie's borrower, Ellen

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