How to find the perfect dog walker
A beautiful Golden Retriever out on a walk in nature with his trusted dog walker

How to find the perfect dog walker

17 November 2022

How to find the best dog walker for you and your dog, along with what to look for in a trustworthy walker.

Our dogs love plenty of walks and playtime, but there are times when we can’t give them all the time they deserve. Having someone to help you with dog walking can be really helpful. But what should you be looking for when you look for a dog walker?

Get to know them

If you’re thinking of getting someone new to help you with dog walking, it’s fundamental you meet them and get to know them. You would never want your dog to be walked by a stranger so it’s important to meet them up, ask them questions and see if you want them to help with your dog. It’s good for your dog to create a bond too, so they’re comfortable to go out with them. Meeting for a chat and then going for a walk with them, and your dog, can be a great way for them to learn your pooch’s quirks!

Manchita, Dolcena and Ozzie, the Chihuahuas

So what questions should you be asking dog walkers?

There are lots of questions to discuss with any potential dog walkers, but here are some ideas to start you off:

  • Are they insured?

All dog walkers should have insurance and they should be insured for the number of dogs they are walking. If they are paid dog walkers and they transport dogs, their transport should be insured for this purpose too.

  • How many dogs do they walk at a time?

Is your dog comfortable with other dogs?  If not they should really be having solo walks. Even if your dog likes other dogs, will they be comfortable walking with several other dogs? Will it always be the same dogs?

  • What requirements do they have for your dog and others?

If walking multiple different dogs, make sure they check that every dog is up to date on vaccinations, worming and flea treatments if your dog is walking or sharing space with them, as you don’t want your dog picking anything up.

  • How do they manage issues?

Ask them how they would deal with any potential problems on a walk. What if your dog needed to go to a vet? They should have people that can take charge of any other dogs if your dog needs urgent veterinary assistance. You should provide them with emergency contact details and the contact for your local vet if there were to be any concerns. Also ask, if your dog was to go into season? Would they be able to walk them on their own or with other dogs if necessary?

  • How much exercise will your dog get?

This will completely depend on your dog’s needs. Some dogs are perfectly happy with a twenty minute stroll at lunchtime, but some won’t be happy unless they get a couple of hours of investigating woodlands! Make sure whoever is walking your dog understands your dog’s needs and is happy to provide them with that.

Daisy and Oreo, the Cross Breeds

There are lots of amazing professional dog walkers out there that perform their service to a very high standard. Another option is BorrowMyDoggy. All premium members of BorrowMyDoggy are verified, insured and have access to a 24/7 vet line.

We advise everyone gets to know each other really well before a dog is taken care of by another person. We also encourage sharing a doggy info sheet which contains super useful info like your dog’s vet’s contact details.

As borrowers don’t get paid, BorrowMyDoggy is all about building a relationship with someone who helps out because they simply love dogs, and want to make a connection with yours.

Register for free to discover borrowers near you!

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