Pawsome post-lockdown guide for pups

How to ease your dog out of lockdown

The past year has been ruff for us humans. We’ve had to battle 3 lockdowns, a relentless virus and, for many, tackle the unfamiliarity of working from home. But as strong and adaptable creatures we persevered, and now, finally, we can see a light at the end of the tunnel. 

With freedom in sight, there is one thing we mustn't forget: our pawsome pals who played a vital role in getting us through the rollercoaster of a year and that is… dogs. An incredible 11% became pet owners welcomed a furry friend into their home over the pandemic, so now more than ever we continue our mission to make a positive impact on the lives of dogs and people. 

To ensure our community has trusted advice, helpful tips and reliable resources for when life returns to a strange new normal, we’ve created this pawsome post-lockdown guide for you and your dog, whether they’re borrowed or owned.

Top tips for getting back outdoors

As summer is fast approaching and restrictions are lifting we can start meeting more dogs and their human companions outside - we can’t wait! But to make sure both us and our dogs have a wagtastic time we recommend brushing up on your dog walking etiquette

We also have some top tips for enjoying the great outdoors with your dog, including some advice for recall and keeping them cool. We know sometimes, most of it goes without saying but it’s always a good idea to brush up on your dog knowledge.

Leaving your dog after lockdown

Whether your returning back to work, planning a well needed trip to the shops (we all know a shopaholic gagging at the chance to get back into Primark) or finally going for that post lockdown haircut, there may be a time in the very near future where your dog will have to be left alone at home. 

If you haven’t yet got a friendly borrower to help out yet (now’s the time to start looking!) or if you’re planning to pop out for only an hour or two, we have two very helpful resources from our pals at My Family Vets talking about leaving your dog at home after lockdown and how to deal with separation anxiety in dogs particularly through and after the pandemic. 

If you’re worried at all about separation anxiety or your dog is particularly stressed when leaving them alone, your local vet can refer you to a qualified dog behaviourist.

Back to work

Although most of us are now well adjusted to the working from home lifestyle - from spending all day in loungewear, snacks on demand and having Netflix on in the background - the time has come for some of us to return to the office. 

A recent study found that 75% of workers don’t want to go back to the office full time, and it’s not just us humans that may be dreading it, but also our dogs too. They've adjusted their routines and centre their day around our work from home schedule, and while we love spending all our time with them, they may not be ready for us to leave. 

Whether a dog owner or not, many wish their workplace was dog friendly, and we have 6 top tips on how you can make a workplace dog friendly, including advice on how to make both us humans and our dogs comfy - ground rules and dog proofing is impawtent!

We know that returning to the office is hard enough, but the thought of leaving your dog at home can often add to the stress and worry. Thoughts that may be troubling owners vary from ‘is my dog going to be OK if I leave them alone at home? Where can I find care for my dog when I go to work?’

Or as a dog lover without a dog of their own, you could be after stress relief in the form of a furry friend, and you may wonder how can I spend time with a dog while at work?

Well we have a solution for you… Introducing BorrowMyDoggy for Work! Our workplace benefits scheme allows dog-owning employees to get well needed help with their pooches, and those without their own pup, can become borrowers and enjoy the mental and physical wellbeing benefits of dogs. You can register your interest and request more information using the link above.

Time to get social

It’s the moment we’ve all been eagerly awaiting… returning to the pub! As many beer gardens are opening their doors, and some of those are dog friendly too, now is a great time to start getting your dog used to pubs. Those tips for you and your furry friend should help you make the most of your time at dog friendly places across the country. Your doggies deserve to enjoy the new found freedom as much as we will!

As we can start socialising once again, there’s one thing dog owners, particularly, lockdown puppy owners, may not have even considered… Is your dog comfortable with new people entering your home? Of course, your dog may be well accustomed to the delivery person bringing yet another Amazon parcel (we’re guilty too!) but a delivery driver and someone coming into your home are two very different things. It may be a good idea to get your dog used to people entering your house, it may seem strange to do, but it could come in very handy!

Every occasion should be dog friendly

With lockdown easing many of us are looking forward to taking our plans off pause and starting to organise events and meet-ups. We’re ready and raring to kickstart our social lives once again and now more than ever dog friendly places and events will be in high demand, because dog’s make everything better, including social occasions. 

Cancelling holidays and travels was definitely a low point for many of us last year, but as we start to plan our future vacations, do you know how to have a dog friendly holiday? From researching accommodation to organising the right travel arrangements, there are a few things you may need to think about! And remember, if you are going to travel abroad with your dog, contact your vet at least a month in advance to organise appointments and vaccinations, especially as post-Brexit your pet passport won't work anymore!

So, your holiday is sorted and booked, but there is another very special event that had to be cancelled last year, and those are weddings. With eager brides ready to say yes to their dream dress and resume organising the special day, have you ever thought about how to have a dog friendly wedding? With dogs being such an important part of our lives, it would make sense to have them be a part of your wedding day! Of course, some dogs may prefer a day at home, rather than the hustle and bustle of a wedding, but we have some great tips if you did want to add your furry friend to your guest list.

We hope you found our resources and guide helpful, and we also hope that you enjoy life returning to a new normal. It’s all very exciting, but change can be daunting for many of us, including our dogs, so remember to be kind and mindful of others, stay safe and keep sharing Pawprints of Happiness!

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