local vets in bristol

Local vets in Bristol

Whether you’re a borrowing a dog in Bristol or own a pup, there a few vets dotted around the centre.

Avon Lodge Vets

Avon Lodge Vets is a privately owned vets that has been opened since 1999. They offer great care and expertise from a dedicated and animal loving team.

Zetland Vets

Struggling to find a vet nearby you in Bristol why not try Zetland Vets with a number of branches around the Bristol area providing affordable vet care for all of your dog’s regular health needs.

If you’re looking for Veterinary advice and you are already a member, why not call the 24/7 Vet Line included in your BorrowMyDoggy membership. They are able to help answer any questions or concerns that you may have whilst dog sitting in Bristol.

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