Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo

6 May 2023

Reviewed by Dr Jill McMaster BVM&S MBA MRCVS, Veterinary Surgeon and in-house expert at BorrowMyDoggy on 26 May 2023

Let’s talk about… Lagotto Romagnolos: what are they?

  • Lagotto Romagnolos originate from the Romagne region of Italy where Lagotto means “curly coat duck retriever”.
  • Due to their strong sense of smell, more recently they have worked as truffle finding dogs.
  • They are known as great family pets, and as long as they’re socialised well with kids at a young age they enjoy spending time with them.
  • They are intelligent, active dogs, who love exercise, swimming and retrieving.
  • Lagotto Romagnolo are between 40 and 48 cm in height.
  • They weigh between 11 and 18kg, with females being smaller than the males.
  • Their average lifespan is between 13 and 16 years.

Ziggy, the lagotto romagnolo
Ziggy, the lagotto romagnolo

What is the temperament of Lagotto Romagnolos like?

  • Lagotto Romagnolos are loyal, loving, friendly dogs who love being active with their family and having good cuddles when they get home.
  • They are very friendly pooches that enjoy the company of people as long as they are well-socialised as pups, but can be a bit cautious of strangers.
  • They tend to like dogs and other pets, again if they are socialised with them when they are younger.
  • They can be quite vocal dogs, and can bark when they’re happy or when they’re a bit worried.
  • They love being with their family and can be anxious when left alone.

What kind of exercise do Lagotto Romagnolos need?

  • Lagotto Romagnolos enjoy getting outside and exercising, whether that is swimming, retrieving, digging or generally getting into water or mud!
  • On average, an adult Lagotto Romagnolo needs at least 1 hour of physical  exercise a day, making sure that  they get time to sniff and investigate!
  • Although full of energy, Lagotto Romagnolo puppies should get less than this and a basic guide is 5 minutes per month of age. Lagotto Romagnolos should not be on full exercise levels until they are at least 12 months old.
  • As well as physical exercise though, Lagotto Romagnolos also need their big brains stimulated with training, games and puzzles.
  • Make sure they have good recall, especially near water, as they can be very keen on going for a dip!

Teddy, the lagotto romagnolo
Teddy, the lagotto romagnolo

Do Lagotto Romagnolos need a lot of grooming?

  • Lagotto Romagnolos come in several different colours as either one solid colour or a mix of off-white, white, orange and/or brown.
  • They are often described as hypoallergenic as they are low shedders.
  • A lot of groomers have different opinions on how often to brush them, and this will depend on how long their hair is clipped etc. At least once a week is quite commonly recommended, but depending on the individual dog, your groomer should be able to advise.
  • Pet Lagotto Romagnolos tend to need a clip every 3 months, but if they’re working, or getting matted or dirty, then this can be done more often.
  • Bathing will depend on how often they get themselves into mud and dirty water, which can be fairly often! Otherwise roughly monthly is usually enough.
  • Because of their regular grooming needs, it’s great to get your puppy used to the idea of grooming from a young age, with gentle brushes and ‘practice grooms’ at the groomer.

Are Lagotto Romagnolos easy to train?

  • Lagotto Romagnolos are very intelligent, love to learn and are generally quite easy to train.
  • They can however be so smart that they can decide to be a bit stubborn, to try and test their owners.
  • Keep training interesting and consistent, with lots of positive reinforcement
  • They love attention and treats so both can be useful training rewards.

What do Lagotto Romagnolos eat?

  • Adult Lagotto Romagnolos should eat a complete, balanced dog food twice daily. They can also have occasional treats, but like any dog, watch out for the extra calories. Puppies should initially eat four times a day, then go down to three, then to two at six months old.
  • For most Lagotto Romagnolos you can make the change from puppy to adult food gradually at around 12 months old. Your pet food supplier and/or vet can advise on individual cases.
  • Lagotto Romagnolos can become overweight, but by not letting them overeat and keeping them active, you can help them stay at a good, healthy weight. If they are an ok body weight, you should be able to comfortably feel your pooch’s ribs, but not count them, when they are standing normally. They should also have a nice neat waist when you look from the top, and they should have a good tuck from their chest up to their tummy.  If you are worried your dog could be overweight or underweight then contact your vet practice for support.
  • Lagotto Romagnolos love a good treat as a reward, but like any dog, this should only make up a maximum of 10% of their daily calorie intake.
Rolo, the lagotto romagnolo
Rolo, the lagotto romagnolo

Are Lagotto Romagnolos healthy?

Like any breed of dog, there are health conditions that Lagotto Romagnolo dogs are more prone to than others.

These can include problems with:

Bones and Joints -

  • Hip Dysplasia - a condition where the thigh bone and pelvis do not sit together properly at the hip joint
  • Luxating patella - this is when a dog’s kneecap moves out of where it should normally be

Coat -

  • Alopecia - a condition that causes the loss of hair

Eyes -

  • Cataracts - a common cause of blindness due to a clouding of the lens of the eye

Hormonal -

  • Hypothyroidism - a condition where your dog does not produce enough thyroid hormone

Neurological -

  • Epilepsy - A condition of the brain that causes dogs to have fits

This list is by no means comprehensive, if you have any concerns about the health of your dog, or if you want to discuss further if a Lagotto Romagnolo is right for you, consult with your vet.

Our vet top tip

Lagotto Romagnolos are a fantastic dog for an active family. They need a lot of time and love but can be really rewarding. Getting them used to grooming and bathing etc at a young age can make them more relaxed about it as they get older.

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Zazu, the lagotto romagnolo
Zazu, the lagotto romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo Names

The most popular name for a Lagotto Romagnolo on BorrowMyDoggy is Otto .

15 most pupular Lagotto Romagnolo names on BorrowMyDoggy

  1. Otto
  2. Enzo
  3. Rocco
  4. Lola
  5. Luca
  6. Bruno
  7. Frank
  8. Juno
  9. Murphy
  10. Pandora
  11. Reggie
  12. Rossi
  13. Saffie
  14. Saffy
  15. Tembo

Information on this page should never replace advice given by your veterinarian.  Potential health issues presented are given as a guide only and are not meant to be comprehensive. If you ever have any concerns about your dog’s health contact your local vet.

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