A small, naked bodied dog with hair only on their head, ears, paws and tail lies elegantly on the grass, relaxing in the sun.

Chinese Crested Dog

Chinese Crested Dogs are one of the most recognisable breeds and this is all down to their lack of fur! They are a hairless breed of dog, but do have little tufts on their face, ears, neck and lower leg. If you want to find out more about this interesting looking breed, we’ve gathered some information for you with help from the BorrowMyDoggy community.

A dog with hair only on their head and paws is relaxing on a sofa.

Caitlin, who owns Cookie, says she is:

the eternal puppy!

"She cannot get enough of playing with her toys and having you throw the ball to her - she would play fetch with you forever if she could! She is very energetic but also loves a nap (typical of the breed), usually somewhere soft and warm and most importantly close to her humans.”

What is a Chinese Crested Dog?

They have been around in China since the 13th century and originally used to kill vermin whilst on lengthy sea voyages. The come in two varieties, the hairless breed and the Powder Puffs which have a full coat of fur. Interestingly, they come from the same litter! They are an energetic, small breed growing up to 33 cm in height and have an average lifespan of 12 to 14 years. They are still considered a rare breed so if you are considering owning one, then you will have to be on a waiting list.

A white dog with curly hair and floppy ears is lying on grass

How much exercise do they need?

As they are such a small breed, they only require up to 30 minutes per day of exercise. As well as their daily walks, they like to have a little run around in an enclosed garden.

Due to the lack of fur, during winter months they do get very cold so a warm coat is a must! They are also prone to sunburn in the summer!

A mostly hairless dog with a dark body is standing on grass looking at the camera

Gomez's owner says:

Gomez loves chasing a ball. He has so much character & is surprisingly speedy on his feet! He is an 8 year old hairless Chinese Crested. He is super affectionate but likes to show it on his own terms.

What about temperament?

They may be a small breed but they have big personalities to make up for it and, most of the time, think they are big dogs. They are very happy dogs who rarely show signs of aggression. They excel in canine sports and agility, are very energetic and great with children.

They are people-orientated dogs so want to be with the owners as much as possible. They are better suited to people who are at home more or are able to take their dog with them wherever they go. If there are times you cannot devote attention to your pup, why not look for a borrower in your area to give them some extra playtime and cuddles?

Doggy member, Teddy is:

very sociable and friendly. He is submissive and well behaved, shows no aggression whatsoever. Lovely temperament and fun to be around. Teddy loves long walks and plays really well with other dogs.

Are they easy to train?

They are a highly intelligent breed making them rather easy to train by the right person. They are a very sensitive breed so a focus on positive reinforcement is encouraged.

As with any small dog, they are prone to “small dog syndrome” if they are spoiled too much or allowed to get away with naughty behaviour.

Two pale coloured dogs with hairless bodies and manes on their heads are standing in a field

Gail says her Chinese Crested dog, Fern:

thinks she is a big dog but in a small body!

"She has loads of character and has good recall but only after she gets to know you. She loves getting cuddles and will lie for you to rub her tummy. Fern is a lovely dog and the reason I joined BorrowMyDoggy is to let other people spend time with her and enjoy her like I do”

Thanks to the Chinese Crested dogs (and owners) from the BorrowMyDoggy community for sharing their wooftastic photos and quotes.

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