A small, black dog with tan markings is resting on the grass amongst the daisies, guarding their ball.

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon, also known as Griffon Bruxellois, originates from Belgium which is how these pups got their name. Their monkey-like cheeky appearance sparks lots of attention. If you’re curious about the breed, and want to find out more, keep reading as we’ve gathered some interesting information about them with help from the owners in our community.

A small, scruffy dog with an intelligent face and small nose is sitting on a rug

Smita, who owns Harvey says he:

loves nothing more than human touch so if you don't mind having a shadow he's your boy! That's in the house...outside he becomes Rambo! He loves to explore and thinks he's a Great Dane! Harvey just loves to love.

What is a Brussels Griffon?

Brussels Griffons are part of the toy group but have terrier like qualities. They can have either a smooth coat or a rough coat and were once called “Belgian Street Urchins” due to their adorable little faces. They were originally bred to be stable dogs to keep vermin down and protect horses. They have quickly become a very lovable breed to have as a family pet and companion dog.

A small dog with long hair is outside at sunset, bathed in golden light

How much exercise do they need?

The Kennel Club recommend up to 30 minutes per day of exercise, although they are an energetic breed so can be walked for longer and will be happy with lots of playtime and exploring in a garden throughout the day.

A small, long-haired, tan dog is leaping through a field of long grass

Charlotte, who owns Ruby, says she:

can walk for hours even though she is so small. She loves people, being cuddled, stroked, treats and attention in general. She enjoys being outdoors and going on long walks exploring. She is a calm, sweet, affectionate little pooch.

What about temperament?

They are a lively little breed with lots of terrier-like traits, they are entertainers and very affectionate characters. Just like terriers, Griffons can be rather mischievous in their playing and will be cheeky, mainly to entertain their owner.

Doggy members, Toula and Dot:

love people. They are true velcro dogs who love attention and scratches. They are small and full of personality. They are good to walk and will go for miles. Although small they are treated like dogs and are never picked up and carried when we are out.

Are they easy to train?

They are a highly recommended breed of dogs for first time owners as they are fairly easy to train. The combination of their intelligence and eagerness to please makes training a Griffon a delight. They are sensitive dogs so don't appreciate being told off but thrive on positive reinforcement.

They do, however, like the sound of their own voice so training early on needs to be focused on teaching them to be quieter, especially when they are ill at ease. They also have a high prey drive so they need to have perfected their recall before being allowed off lead.

Two small, short haired dogs are relaxing on a bed. One is mostly ginger coloured, while the other is mostly black.

Danni’s Brussels Griffon, Darcey is:

a little monkey! A small dog with a huge personality, do not be fooled by her frown, she is a happy dog and full of fun.

"She likes being centre of attention, sat on your lap & will roll over for a belly rub! She will do almost anything for a treat, sit, paw, down, high 5! She is energetic and enjoys walks in the park with other dogs, she is well socialised and inquisitive."

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