5 ways to tell a new dog likes you

How can you be sure you're new furry friend is warming to you? Find out more below

Meeting a new dog can be just as nerve-racking as meeting a new person. You want to make sure they like you and that you’re making a first good impression, right? So whether you’re going to meet a potential doggy to borrow, a new puppy or rescue or even a friend’s dog you’ll can follow these top tips to meeting new dogs. But even after doing everything right how can you be sure they’re warming to you?

We’ve found 5 ways to tell if you’re new furry friend has taken a liking towards you, have a look below:

A waggy tail

BorrowMyDoggy dog wagging it's tail
Doggy member Sam

It can often go unsaid but a happy pup will have a proud, waggy tail. The faster they’re wagging it, the more excited and happier they are. A dog that’s relaxed will wag their tail, and a relaxed dog means they’re comfortable around you. If a dog’s muscles are stiff and their tail is still wagging, it could mean they’re annoyed or unhappy - so do keep that in mind.

Eye contact

BorrowMyDoggy Gold Retriever staring happily
Doggy member Terry

If a dog is making prolonged eye contact with you, good news! A study conducted in Azabu University in Japan by animal behaviourist, Takefumi Kikusui found that eye contact is a good thing and compares to parent-infant bonding. So if your new pooch is staring at you, you’ve made a friend!

Dog licks

BorrowMyDoggy Siberian Husky with tongue out
Doggy member Anushka

Dog licking can be seen as annoying but it is in fact a good thing, as it’s a major sign of affection. Although is can be caused by the salty skin of us humans, more often than not, their lick is a sign of love for a new acquaintance.

Roll over

BorrowMyDoggy Miniature Dachshund on back
Doggy member Winston

Pawsome news - if a dog rolls over and shows their tum it means they trust you and feel comfortable. A study from the University of Salford, found that when a dog rolls over it means “scratch me” 100% of the time.

Watch their body language

BorrowMyDoggy cross breed looking up sat on grass
Doggy member Penfold

There are a number of things to look for in a happy pup which include; jumping up, energetic behaviour, intent to play, lifting their eyebrows and open/relaxed mouth. If your new furry friend is doing any of these, result! Ensure you watch out for tense and whimpering behaviour too, as some dogs may need a bit more time to warm up to you.

We hope this helps you on your next meet with a pooch! Remember, try not to be disheartened if a dog doesn’t take to you straight away, these things can take time and effort, but we’re sure after a few treats and stroke, you’ll be making firm friends soon!

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