7 Tips for your 'Welcome Woof'

As a borrower, we understand how important it is for you that you feel you know a borrowed dog well before taking care of them by yourself.

We take safety very seriously, and BorrowMyDoggy is all about getting to know each other well before a dog is borrowed. Just as you you would with a friend, family member, kennel or dog walker, it's really important people get to know each other well and ensure everyone is happy.

The first step towards this is what we call the ‘Welcome Woof’ - the first meet and greet for the owner, borrower, and dog to get to know each other. Often people meet several times before the borrower takes care of the dog alone, and sometimes even do house visits since matches are local.

Here's a quick video with 7 tips to ensure your ‘Welcome Woof’ runs as smoothly as possible.

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