Training and enrichment

Training and enrichment

Dog training and puppy training can be overwhelming but with the help of BorrowMyDoggy’s guide on how to train a dog, it might be made a little easier. If you just need some dog training tips - perhaps your dog is eating too fast? Maybe you are just looking for some advice on how to train a puppy to sit and stay, it sounds easy but we know just how stubborn they can be when puppy training! So for all those much needed puppy training tips and tricks, you’re in the pawfect place.

How To Pamper a Dog

We want to make sure all those amazing doggies, borrowed or owned, are pampered. Here are a few ideas to make sure your dog has their best day ever! 🙌 Read more

How To Walk A Dog

Whether you have a pooch of your own or you borrow one, there are few things you should take into account before you head out for your walkies. Take a look below to learn more.Read more

Light Up Dog Accessories | Glow in the Dark

Em-bark on your latest walking mission, and make sure you set a good example for all of the other pawsome pooches in the park with some wagulous light-up accessories.Read more

How To Hold a Dog Lead

Not sure how to hold a dog lead? Or looking for more tips? It’s important we are aware of how to avoid injury and to ensure we’re holding our furry friends correctly.Read more

How to Make Your Dog's Life Better

Is there a way our dogs, borrowed or owned, can have an even better year than the last? We’ve found a few small ways to improve your dog's happiness and health!Read more

How To Train A Dog To Walk On A Lead

Let Pete Decker, the Lead Editor at The Goody Pet, tell you how to train a dog to walk on a lead. Discover his best training tips for on-the-lead walking today!Read more

How To Get My Dog To Like Being Brushed

Teaching a dog to love being brushed is relatively easy. Here’s a step-by-step process using only positive training methods.Read more

Dog Guinness World Records

It's not just us humans that hold world records! There are lots of dogs out there wearing the crown for some amazing sporting records, like highest jump and deepest dive!Read more

Gifts for Dogs

Where does one start with their pet shopping? Discover our pawsome gift guide for dogs - we’re sure you’ll find something they’ll like!Read more

Dog Christmas Gifts

Christmas is the pawfect excuse to spoil our four-legged friends so we’ve put together a list of last-minute gift ideas for your dog.Read more

Best dog gadgets

Here are 8 dog gadgets that you wish you’d known about sooner. You probably don’t need them but... *adds to Amazon basket*.Read more

10 best dog Christmas bandanas

If you're looking for a festive bandana for your pup, paws right there! Discover 10 of the best Christmas dog bandanas that are available in the UK.Read more

Dog General Knowledge & Quiz

We have collected a list of pawsome doggy facts to surprise and educate you on the wonders of dogs - so get your learning caps on and let the fun facts commence! Or do the quiz!Read more

Dogs & mental wellbeing: therapist's advice

Thanks to our friends at Spill, we had a chat with their therapist Graham, all about mental wellbeing and the part dogs can play in our mental wellbeing.Read more

Dog Influencers on Instagram UK

If you need to step up your pet-stagram or just need more adorable content on your feed, why not take a look at some of the most wagulous dogs of Instagram this year.Read more

Dad dog gifts

Whether its their birthday or you're celebrating Father's Day here are 10 great gift ideas for all types of dog dads!Read more

Dog Christmas stocking ideas for 2022

When it comes to stocking stuffers for dogs, the options are endless. However, there are a few things that every good puppy stocking should include. Discover our top suggestions!Read more

Celebrating your dog’s first Christmas

From gift ideas to festive activities, we have everything you need to make this howliday season a memorable one for both you and your dog!Read more

Best puppy toys UK: our favourite puppy toys

Got a new puppy? Or maybe you’re looking for the pawfect present for a friend with a new pooch. So what’s important when looking for a toy for a young pup?Read more

The best dog fetching toys: fun and engaging picks for your pooch

Discover a selection of dog fetch toys you and your pup might enjoy playing with, and our top tips to help you choose the right toy to suit your dog’s pawsonality!Read more

How to train your dog to be a therapy dog

Want to make a difference in your community? Here's how to train your dog to become a therapy dog and start making a difference.Read more

The best dog bed for your dog: a guide

Find out what makes a dog bed best and how to pick one that fits your pooch!Read more

Start running with your dog: a guide for all types of runners and dogs

A guide on how to start running with your dog for novice and accomplished runners and dogs who are not trained yet to run alongside their owner or borrower.Read more

Best dog harnesses UK: our favourites

Our team has created a guide on how to find the best dog harness for you and your pup. We also list our favourite dog harnesses and why these have worked well for us.Read more

A canicross adventure: Nicola and her dog running buddies

When Nicola joined BorrowMyDoggy back in 2015 she was searching for a walking pal. Little did she know she'd fall in love with canicross and is now part of her local club.Read more

How to become friends with a dog and how to bond

A quick tip to become fast friends with a dog. Discover our Hound Hacks training trick to show you how to quickly and easily become friends with any dog you meet.Read more

DIY No-Sew Dog Bed

Easy, homemade no-sew dog bed. This customizable dog bed is an easy and quick way to make your dog feel extra special, without the need to know how to sew.Read more

6 ways to help your dog get used to house guests

Now everything is changing and guests can actually come into our homes, is your dog ready to meet and greet people once again?Read more

How to teach your dog to come back to you - Recall training

Training your dog recall can be daunting but our friends at My Family Vets are here to offer some top tipsRead more

DIY Oatmeal Doggy Foot Bath

Easy, fun oatmeal foot bath for your dog. Treat your pup to their very own pawdicure with this absowoofly amazing and very easy Oatmeal foot bath.Read more

How to teach your dog down or to lie down

Follow these simple steps and the advice of 'Pawfessor Charles' to teach your dog how to do the down commandRead more

Teach your dog to not pull on the lead

A quick, easy tip on how to teach your dog, owned or borrowed, to not pull on the lead.Read more

Teach your dog to play fetch

5 easy steps to teach your dog to play fetchRead more

DIY Dog Pawprint Christmas Ornaments

Easy, homemade dog pawprint Christmas ornamentsRead more

DIY Tennis Ball and Treats Dog Toy

Easy, homemade tennis ball and treats dog toyRead more

DIY Tennis Ball T-Shirt Dog Tug Toy

Easy, homemade tennis ball t-shirt dog tug toyRead more

DIY Spin The Bottle Dog Toy

Easy, homemade spin the bottle dog toyRead more

DIY Doggy Christmas Jumpers

DIY dog jumpersRead more

How to teach your dog to hold an object

Training your dog to hold an objectRead more

How to teach your dog to touch an object

Training your dog to touch an objectRead more

How to teach your dog to bow

Training your dog to bowRead more

How to teach your dog to sit

Training your dog to sitRead more

How to teach your dog to come when called

Training your dog to come when calledRead more

How to teach your dog to stay

Training your dog to stayRead more

Teach your dog to not jump up

A quick, easy tip on how to teach your dog, owned or borrowed, to not jump up when they greet you. Read more

Train your dog to eat more slowly

A quick, easy training trick to teach your dog to eat more slowly.Read more

How to remove dog hair from furniture and carpet

Does your dog’s hair get all over your furniture and carpet? Here's a quick, simple clean up trick. Read more

How to teach your dog not to snatch food from your hand

Training your dog to not snatch foodRead more

Dog training tips - do’s and dont’s

9 tricks and tips on how to train your dogRead more