Dogs of BorrowMyDoggy

Dogs of BorrowMyDoggy

Our members often share how using BorrowMyDoggy has helped them with us, we want to share that with our community. If you are considering becoming an owner or borrower on BorrowMyDoggy, why not take a look at some other members experiences first?

Harvey and his borrower Amelia

Honey Blossom and her owner Sally

Jack and his owner Phyllis

Jake and his borrower Claire

Jessie and her owner Julia

Jock and his owner Christine

Joshua & Jadah, and their owner Lillian

Kai and his borrower Katy

Leo and his owner Liz

Lily and her owner Rhiannon

Lola and her owner Ceri

Lotti and her owner Henley

Lottie and her owner Nicola

Lulu and her owner Scott

Luna and her borrower Georgia

Luna and her borrower Natasha

Macey and her owner Birte

Marga and her borrower Emma

Max and his borrower Sarah

Max, Phoebe & Molly, and their borrower Bethan

McTavish and his owners Greg & Kelsey

Millie & Nancy and their borrower Jena

Millie and her owner Fiona

Milo and his borrower Abbi

Mimi & Rio, and their borrowers Lynn & Ann

Minnie and her borrower Felicity

Minnie and her owner Kate

Mollie and her borrower Mary

Mr B and his borrower Jess

Nala and her owner Victoria

Nelson and his borrower Rukmini

Oscar and his borrower Sam

Oscar and his owner Deirdre

Ozzie and his owner Julia

Peppa and her borrower Katie

Pepper and her borrower Kate

Pepper and her borrower Melanie

Percy & Ferret's owner Jordi, and borrower Kelly

Phin and his borrower Naomi

Phoebe and her owner Alison

Phoebe and her owner Rachel

Pip and her borrower Melanie

Poppy and her borrower Ruth

Ralphie and his owner Margaret

Reggie and his borrower Samantha

River and her borrower Abby

Roger and his borrower (now owner) Agata

Rose and Winter

Roxy and her borrower Helen

Roxy and her owner Rachael

Roxy and her owner Samantha

Rupert and his owner Katie

Rusty and his owner Jennifer

Sally and her owner Claire

Saoirse and her owner Jennifer

Scarlet and her owner Jenny

Selma and her borrower Laura

Shaka and his owner Jirina

Sophie & Bo's borrower Monica

Spoopy and his borrower Alexandra