Dogs of BorrowMyDoggy

Dogs of BorrowMyDoggy

Our members often share how using BorrowMyDoggy has helped them with us, we want to share that with our community. If you are considering becoming an owner or borrower on BorrowMyDoggy, why not take a look at some other members experiences first?

Aggie and her borrower Deborah

Alfie and his borrower Ellen

Amber and her borrower Michelle

Angelo and his borrower Danielle

Apache and his borrower Susanna

Archie and his owner Claire

Arlo and his borrower Charley

Axel and his borrower Kev

Bailey & Bracken and their owner Eileen

Barney and his borrower Sam

Batman and his owner Alex

Beau, Murphy & Moushska and their borrower Rosie

Beezus and her borrower Charlotte

Bella and her borrower Kirsten

Bella and her borrower Tanya

Bella and her owner Angi

Betsy & Muttley, and their borrower Suzie

Billy & MissTee, and their borrowers Adam & Emily

Bo and his owner Nick

Bobo and his borrower Martin

Bodger and his borrower Molly

Bonnie and her borrower Serena

Bruce and his borrower Joanne

Bruce and his owner Nicola

Buschka & Ellen

Cedric and his borrower Isabel

Charlie and his borrower June

Charlie and his borrower Tracy

Charlie and his owner Estelle

Chase and his borrower Alison

Chris & Suze | BorrowMyDoggy Ambassadors

Cloobie doo & Merlin and their owner Sarah

Coco and her borrower Amanda

Cooper and his owner Gema

Crumpet and her borrower Victoria

Daphne & Charlie, and their borrower Lilly

Daphne's borrowers Wyne & Eloise

Devdas and his owner Cliff

Dexter and his owner Pennie

Dexy and his owner Helen

Dion and Gobi's tale

Dodger and his borrower Clare

Dogs for Depression | Amazing Stories

Dottie and her borrower Laraine

Dudley and his borrower David

Elton and his borrower Lily

Emily & Spencer and their owner Helen

Finn & Charlie and their borrower Stuart

Flower and her borrower Ella

Freddie and his owner Emma

Frisco and his borrower Rosamund

Fudge & Skye with their borrower Lyndsey

George and his owner Angie

George and his owner Ellen

Georgina and her owner James

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Gizmo and his owner Sandra

Gracie and her owner Carolyn

Harper and her borrower Ruby

Harry and his borrower Rosie