Here we have a collection of dog treat recipes for your favourite pup. We have created a free library of homemade dog food options, our recipaws. On which note, a small caveat before you get cracking with some pupsicles or dog rice pudding - puppy food and dog food amounts should be adjusted to reflect any extras you’re cooking up.

Easter egg dog treats

A collection of Easter recipaw ideas for you - will you choose the dog Easter treat bunnies or the dog friendly pink Easter eggs for your pooch? Discover our simple and fun recipes now!Read more

Christmas 'Dognog'

Giving your dog a safe Christmas treat can be tough, with lots of festive foods that aren’t dog friendly. So why not treat your pooch to one that’s specially for them?Read more

Pumpkin Pupcakes

The pawfect Halloween treat for your dog to involve them in the fun. Pumpkin is great for dogs and a firm favourite in the recipaws kitchen. Try it out this Howl-oween.Read more

Blueberry biscuit bones

A yummy dog friendly biscuit recipe you can make at home, for dogs that deserve a tasty treat. With reduced fat and sugar from hooman recipes and all dog-safe ingredients.Read more

Pineapple pupside down cake

A classic cake recipe that is dog friendly, with reduced sugar and fat and all dog-safe ingredients it will get their tails wagging and keep their tums happy!Read more

Sweet potato and apple bread for dogs

A tasty dog friendly bread recipe for dogs with sweet potato and apple - not only healthy but yummy too!Read more

Doggy Fish Cakes

The pawfect fishy treat for your dog - they'll love this extra special, healthy and delicious protein filled dish with two types of fish, egg peas and mashed potato.Read more

Christmas tree cranberry doggy biscuits recipaw

Our Christmas tree cranberry doggy biscuits are really easy to make and your BFF will absowoofly love them.Read more

Peanut butter pies

Mmm, pie - why keep it all to yourself when you could make a dog-friendly pie to share with your furry friend using our easy peanut butter based recipaw?Read more

Frozen Yoghurt Bones

An easy and refreshing Summer dog treat to cool your pup when it's hot outside. The fishy recipe will entice them to lick and crunch the cold goodness.Read more

Dog Friendly Fruit Smoothie

All natural and healthy fruit smoothie for you to share with your favourite pup. Quick and simple to make and the perfect treat on a summer's day. Try it out this summer!Read more

Dog kong recipes: keep your dog entertained

A quick, easy tip on how to teach your dog, owned or borrowed, to entertain themselves with a variety of dog kong recipes!Read more


An easy and refreshing Summer dog treat. These frozen goodies will help to cool your pup on a hot day and have all natural dog-friendly ingredients in them too.Read more

Blueberry Crunch Dog Treats Recipe

These home made dog biscuits include oats, honey and blueberries for a healthy and easy homemade blueberry crunch dog treat. Try them out on your favourite dog.Read more

Valentine's Day Heart Dog Biscuits

Beetroot powder turns these biscuits pink! They're all natural, healthy and easy to make to include your pup in your Valentine's Day celebrations.Read more

Cheese and carrot illusion muffins for dogs

It's time to up your dog baking, why not try this illusion bake - they're dog friendly muffins that look like ice creams!Read more

Chicken and Raspberry Heart Treats

Let your dog friend know how much they mean to you with these cute Valentine's Day treats. Made pink with chopped raspberries and delicious with chicken and rosemary.Read more

Oatmeal and Apple Biscuits

The pawfect, natural, easy to make Autumnal treat for your perfect pup. Apple, oats, cinnamon, coconut oil and honey go into these delicious bite-sized biscuits.Read more

Crusted Green Beans Dog Treat Recipe

Ever wondered how to get your dog to eat their greens? Try this recipaw to get them eager to snaffle every last one as healthy and easy all natural dog treats .Read more

Christmas Dinner Recipe for your Dog

Keep their eyes off your Christmas dinner with this dog-friendly version that you can be sure is safe for them. It includes lots of Christmas standards so they won't miss out.Read more

Dog Birthday Cake

Carrots and peanut butter are among the ingredients in our all-natural and healthy birthday cake for dogs. Why not spoil your dog with it on their special day?Read more

Sweet Potato Chew Toy for your Dog

An alternative to expensive store bought dog chews, this one is all natural and healthy to boot and will keep your dog entertained. Why not try it today?Read more

Banana Bread for Dogs

The pawfect banana bread for your dog - lower fat and sugar than when us hoomans indulge, all natural and easy to make. Your dog will go bananas for it!Read more

Doggy Candy Canes Recipe

Looking for a way to safety include your favourite pup in the Christmas fun? This healthy and easy doggy candy cane recipe will let you do just that, try it out this Christmas.Read more

Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Did you know that November is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month? Your dog can enjoy peanut butter treat too (make sure it's xylitol free), so here are some treats to make!Read more

Hot Drinks for Dogs

Whether you count the days until pumpkin spice lattes return or you love a classic hot chocolate, you can now share your favourite with your dog!Read more

Banana bacon bites

Crispy bacon, bananas and honey go into these easy, delicious, baked dog treats that you'll be wanting to have a cheeky taste of too! Try them out today.Read more

Banana and peanut butter treats

If you fancy giving your dog a little something sweet then try this super easy 3 ingredient vegan dog treat recipe they're sure to find pawsome. Read more

Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Pup Cake

Whip up these pumpkin and peanut butter pup cakes to celebrate any special occasion with your favourite dog. They're fun to decorate too so get creative.Read more

Blueberry and Chicken Pies

Blueberry and chicken might not be the first things that you think of to put in pies for hoomans, but for your favourite pup it's the perfect filling. Read more

Sweet potato biscuits

Let's celebrate with our American friends! This is a delicious Thanksgiving treat for your dog, featuring our favourite doggy super food; sweet potato!Read more

Dog apple pie

If you love apple pie and don't want your furry friend to miss out then we’ve got a dog friendly recipe for you to try - it’s a really great treat for those colder months! Read more

Carrot Pupcakes

Who knew that cupcakes could be healthy? You might not enjoy them as much as the rich ones from your local bakery, but your favourite dog will love these dog cupcakes.Read more

Doggy cheesecake

A dog friendly cheesecake recipe that your dog will love - it makes for a great, and easy, birthday cake or borrow-a-versary cake to celebrate special moments!Read more

Doggy Jelly

Meaty jelly! What pup could resist this dog friendly jelly recipe with their favourite crunchy bits in the middle. A super summery treat for your favourite pooch.Read more

Banana and peanut butter yoghurt treats

A quick and easy 4 ingredient dog treat recipe you can try at home - it's delicious and nutritious and perfect for cooling down after a walk on a hot day!Read more

Coconut Canine Cake

Have fun decorating this easy coconut and berry cake for your favourite dog to celebrate their birthday, borrow-a-versary, gotcha day or any other special occasion. Read more

Cinnamon Dog Doughnuts

These donuts make the perfect treat for your pup while you're snaffling a sugar encrusted, much more calorific hooman version. Keep their eyes off yours with these tasty treats.Read more

Berry Almond Cake

A delicious and easy to make dog-friendly fruit cake recipe perfect for dog birthdays, borrow-a-versaries, gotcha days and other special occasions.Read more

Watermelon & Mango Ice Pups Recipaw

Nothing beats a sweet, refreshing, ice-cold treat during the summer months. We think both you and your pooch will love this dog-friendly recipe.Read more

Cheese & Parsley Doggy Biscuits

Cheesy biscuits? Don't keep them all to yourself, make a dog-friendly version for your favourite pup to let them know how much you care. Easy to make and delicious.Read more

Pancake Day Recipe for Dogs

Don't leave your furry friend out of one of the most delicious days of the year! Try out healthy and easy dog pancakes so they can join in on the fun!Read more

Gingerbread Bones Dog Treats Recipe

No need to leave your pup out of the food festivities at christmas - Try our healthy and easy gingerbread christmas dog treats recipe, they'll love it!Read more

Turkey and peanut butter bites

Turkey and peanut butter are many dogs' favourite things. This is a recipaw for pawfect homemade bite size treats for your dog, they're great for training!Read more

Pumpkin Doughnuts

Happy Howl-oween! Here's a dog-friendly bite sized chicken, blueberry and pumpkin donut recipe that gives your dog a special treat (no tricks) this autumn.Read more

Liver cake

Liver is a good source of protein, vitamin A, and good fatty acids and dogs LOVE it. Why not treat your dog today by making them these easy baked goodies?Read more

Tuna Loaf Bites

Does your dog always eye up your tuna sandwich? Here's a dog friendly version that's quick and easy to make to give them a special treat with no nasties.Read more

Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt Treats

Halloween dog treats made from frozen pumpkin yoghurt make a healthy cold snack for your favourite pup. Quick and easy to make using the mould of your choice.Read more

Doggy Pizza Pretzels

If pizza is your favourite thing (and let's face it, who doesn't love pizza) then you won't want to leave your top dog out of the fun. Here's a simple, dog-friendly version.Read more

Rice Pudding For Dogs

This beefy rice pudding might not be what you'd expect for dessert, but your pup will love it. A simple, baked and healthy recipe that makes a pawfect winter warmer.Read more

Peanut Butter Apple Ball Dog Treat

Just two ingredients go into the pawfect peanut butter and apple treat for your dog. A fun, easy and delicious way to serve apples to your favourite pooch.Read more

No Bake Peanut Butter Oat Treats Recipe

Tired of baking but want to make some tasty treats for your pup? These are the pawfect thing for you, they're quick and easy and to make and full of goodness.Read more

Peanut Butter Dog Treats Recipe

Peanut butter is many a dog's favourite treat so why not make these healthy and easy homemade peanut butter dog treats recipe for your favourite pup today.Read more