Dog food and nutrition

Dog food and nutrition

Here we have a collection of dog treat recipes for your favourite pup. This section is all about dog food - the dos and don’ts and a few ideas to help raise your culinary game. Alongside the homemade dog food options, there are also some non-edible DIY dog treats (just in case your dog friend is on a diet).

Doggy Pizza Pretzels

If pizza is your favourite thing (and let's face it, who doesn't love pizza) then you won't want to leave your top dog out of the fun. Here's a simple, dog-friendly version.Read more

Blueberry and Chicken Pies

Blueberry and chicken might not be the first things that you think of to put in pies for hoomans, but for your favourite pup it's the perfect filling. Read more

Rice Pudding For Dogs

This beefy rice pudding might not be what you'd expect for dessert, but your pup will love it. A simple, baked and healthy recipe that makes a pawfect winter warmer.Read more

Peanut Butter Apple Ball Dog Treat

Just two ingredients go into the pawfect peanut butter and apple treat for your dog. A fun, easy and delicious way to serve apples to your favourite pooch.Read more

No Bake Peanut Butter Oat Treats Recipe

Tired of baking but want to make some tasty treats for your pup? These are the pawfect thing for you, they're quick and easy and to make and full of goodness.Read more

Peanut Butter Dog Treats Recipe

Peanut butter is many a dog's favourite treat so why not make these healthy and easy homemade peanut butter dog treats recipe for your favourite pup today.Read more

Dog Friendly Fruit Smoothie

All natural and healthy fruit smoothie for you to share with your favourite pup. Quick and simple to make and the perfect treat on a summer's day. Try it out this summer!Read more


An easy and refreshing Summer dog treat. These frozen goodies will help to cool your pup on a hot day and have all natural dog-friendly ingredients in them too.Read more