Dog food and nutrition

Dog food and nutrition

Here we have a collection of dog treat recipes for your favourite pup. This section is all about dog food - the dos and don’ts and a few ideas to help raise your culinary game. Alongside the homemade dog food options, there are also some non-edible DIY dog treats (just in case your dog friend is on a diet).

Blueberry Crunch Dog Treats Recipe

These home made dog biscuits include oats, honey and blueberries for a healthy and easy homemade blueberry crunch dog treat. Try them out on your favourite dog.Read more

Doggy Candy Canes Recipe

Looking for a way to safety include your favourite pup in the Christmas fun? This healthy and easy doggy candy cane recipe will let you do just that, try it out this Christmas.Read more

Christmas Dinner Recipe for your Dog

Keep their eyes off your Christmas dinner with this dog-friendly version that you can be sure is safe for them. It includes lots of Christmas standards so they won't miss out.Read more

Valentine's Day Heart Dog Biscuits

Beetroot powder turns these biscuits pink! They're all natural, healthy and easy to make to include your pup in your Valentine's Day celebrations.Read more

Dog Friendly Fruit Smoothie

All natural and healthy fruit smoothie for you to share with your favourite pup. Quick and simple to make and the perfect treat on a summer's day. Try it out this summer!Read more


An easy and refreshing Summer dog treat. These frozen goodies will help to cool your pup on a hot day and have all natural dog-friendly ingredients in them too.Read more

How nutrition can improve your dog’s life

Top tips on what you should and shouldn’t feed your dog from Sean McCormack, Head Vet at Tails.com.Read more

Pumpkin Pupcakes

The pawfect Halloween treat for your dog to involve them in the fun. Pumpkin is great for dogs and a firm favourite in the recipaws kitchen. Try it out this Howl-oween.Read more