Dog health and vet advice

Dog health and vet advice

It is important to take care of your dog’s health in the best pawsible way. If you are in need of some veterinary advice, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re an owner concerned about ticks in case they give your dog an illness, or borrowing a dog on Fireworks Night and are worried about the dogs safety then read on. We’ve gathered lots of expert advice from vets such as VetsNow and David Cuffe.

Local vets in Newcastle

Take the hassle out of finding reputable, local vets in Newcastle for your furry friend. We've made it easy for you to find a vet that meets your pooch's needs.Read more

How to clean your dog's ears

Proper ear care is essential for your dog’s health and our friends over at White Cross Vets have shared these tips on how to make the process as easy as possible.Read more

Local vets in Manchester

Take the hassle out of finding reputable, local vets in Manchester for your furry friend. We've made it easy for you to find a vet that meets your pooch's needs.Read more

Alabama Rot - What is it and how to protect your dog

We take a look at what Alabama Rot is and how you can keep your dog safe from it.Read more

Does my dog need joint supplements?

Lots of dogs will experience joint pain during their lives, we’re taking a look at the role supplements can playRead more

How to introduce your dog to children

It can be daunting introducing a dog to small children so we've put together a guide on how to do it safely. Here's how to introduce your dog to children.Read more

Top tips for a dog safe garden

We all love seeing dogs playing in our gardens, but how do we make it a safe experience for them? Here's how to pet proof your garden for dogsRead more

How old are dogs REALLY?

Did you know a recent study have revealed a new way to calculate dog years? See how old your dog is hereRead more

3 tips for managing your dog's laundry

Keeping everything clean and safe for your dog can be a challenge. Here's our 3 top ways to manage and pawfect your dog's laundryRead more

Testimonial on how dogs help with mental health

We spoke to one of our borrowers to find out how interacting with dogs has helped them cope with mental health issues. Read how dogs can help with anxiety and improve mental health.Read more

The benefits of dogs for our mental health

The relationships we have with dogs can give us so many benefits, not least for our mental health and wellbeing, learn more hereRead more

Can coronavirus affect dogs?

While more and more information is coming out on what COVID-19 means to the human population, here’s a bit more info on coronavirus in relation to dogs.Read more

How to prevent dog theft

Here's what to do to prevent dog theft and to ensure you dog stays as safe as possible and keep your dog safe from thieves. Advice from a vet and clinical director.Read more

Springtime Hazards for Dogs

Top springtime casualties to paws for a thought about and also how you can avoid any injuries to your four-legged friend this spring!Read more

Insect Bites on Dogs

Here is some prevention tips and handy advice about certain critters, pest and creatures that may be harmful to your dog if they come into contact with them.Read more

How to Keep Your Dog Cool in Summer

As the days are heating up keeping your dog, borrowed or owned, cool in the warmer weather is very important. So we have 10 ways to help your pup keep cool in the summer.Read more

Is My Dog Bored?

How do we know that our dogs aren’t too bored when we’re out and about, or even when we’re home and watching that fifth season of Friends on repeat?Read more

Why Do Dogs Get Zoomies?

Those crazy bursts of energy can come out of nowhere and we watch as our dogs run aimlessly around the house, but why? We’d love to share what we found about these 'zoomies'!Read more

Winter Grooming Tips for Dogs

What happens to a dog’s coat in winter? Due to the dropping temperatures, a dog’s coat will thicken to help insulate them. Here are a few tips on grooming them!Read more

How To Keep Your House Clean With a Dog

We all love our furry friends but they can sometimes cause a little bit of a mess. Read on and discover some simple cleaning tricks for your dog and home.Read more

Health Benefits of BorrowMyDoggy

We wanted to share some of our member stories about how using BorrowMyDoggy has helped their health and wellbeing. And just to share again how pawsome we think our pups are!Read more

Why Do Dogs Lick You?

As a dog owner, you may be all too familiar with dog licking. But is there a deeper reason as to why our dogs lick us? We take a look why our furry friends like to lick us humans!Read more

Should Dogs Sleep in Your Bed?

Sharing your bed with your pet is common with over 60 percent of dog owners doing it. But should doggy cuddles be off limits or can your pooch be welcomed in?Read more

Ask the Vet - Teeth Brushing Alternatives For Dogs

Answering the question: "My dog won’t let me brush his teeth and won’t eat dentastix. Are there any other ways to clean his teeth?"Read more

Do dogs have a concept of time?

With the clocks changing this weekend it got us thinking… Are dogs able to tell time? Read on to see if your pup can really tell how long it’s been since they last ate…Read more

How often should you wash your dog?

It can often be unclear when or how often you should bathe your dog. We thought we would shed some light on the matter and offer so best practices on keeping your dog squeaky clean.Read more

Can all dogs swim?

Whether you dog enjoys the water or not there are breeds that aren’t built for a paddle. We did some digging to find the answer…Read more

Do dogs get lonely?

Do dogs get lonely? The short answer is yes... Take a look as we explore at what to look out for and how to aid your dog feel less lonely.Read more

Best dog shampoo

We all know too well that a walkie can often result in a mucky pup. We’ve had a sniff around and have found some pawsome products that will make your doggy look and smell wagulous.Read more

Dog Walking in the Dark

With autumn and winter upon us it's important to keep you and your dog safe during the darker evenings, here are a few things to consider when walking your dog.Read more

How to bathe your dog

Top tips for doggy bath time enjoyable for two legged and four legged friends alike.Read more

How Long Can You Leave Dog Alone?

Sad as it is to say, we all have to separate from our furry friend once in a while. But how much is too much? We asked the experts.Read more

How BorrowMyDoggy Can Improve Your Dog's Life

Discover three ways your dog can benefit from becoming a dog of BorrowMyDoggy.Read more

Dog Safety in the Car

Whether you are a new pet parent or an experienced dog owner, here is how to keep your dog safe when you're travelling in the car and the rules of the road.Read more

Dog Cooling Products

We did some digging to find some cool items that will help keep our canine companions cool in the warm weather. Take a look to see what you should be adding to your basket…Read more

Essential oils & dogs: is it safe to treat dogs with essential oils?

Essential oils have become more popular... But can you use them on dogs? Take a look at the vet advice hereRead more

Dog at Christmas: stress & health

Holidays are great fun for dogs too - they love company and will be happy to spend extra time with their humans. Here are a few tips to ensure that the holidays go smoothly for all!Read more

Dog health checks and preventative care

Preventative healthcare is very important for your dog’s health; from spotting any health problems to giving you peace of mind.Read more

How to make your dog happier and healthier

Our members share how much happier and healthier their dogs have become since joining BorrowMyDoggy.Read more

Diabetes in Dogs

Diabetes comes about when a dog’s pancreas is no longer able to produce insulin - here's what to watch out forRead more

Arthritis in dogs

Humans aren't the only one who get sore and achy as they grow old... Here's more information about arthritis in dogsRead more

Separation anxiety in dogs

If you are worried that your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety, it is important that you know how to spot the signs and how to help them through it.Read more

The best dog groomers near you: a guide

Struggling to find a good local dog groomer? This guide will help you locate the best groomers in your area, based on your needs and preferences.Read more

Keeping your flat nosed friend cool

It is vital to know how to protect them, keep them cool and recognise the signs of heatstroke - particularly for brachycephalic breedsRead more

Hay fever in dogs

Dr David Tweedle discusses how to recognise hay fever in dogs and how to reduce irritation during the allergy season.Read more

Bonfire Night Sound Therapy

Joanne Patrick, My Family Pet vet, talks through how to desensitise your dog to those horrible firework noises.Read more

What to do if your dog has breathing difficulties

If your dog is struggling to breathe it can be very worrying, so here's veterinary advice on what to do if your dog has breathing difficultiesRead more