Dog health and vet advice

Dog health and vet advice

It is important to take care of your dog’s health in the best pawsible way. If you are in need of some veterinary advice, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re an owner concerned about ticks in case they give your dog an illness, or borrowing a dog on Fireworks Night and are worried about the dogs safety then read on. We’ve gathered lots of expert advice from vets such as VetsNow and David Cuffe.

Dog poo colours: what do they mean?

The colour of your dogs poo can be an indicator of health problems so it’s useful to know what is cause for concern.Read more

Preventing herbicide poisoning in dogs

When you choose a weed killer this summer, be sure to go for one that doesn’t contain the followingRead more

Dog safety tips for toys and in your home

Here's all you need to know about keeping your dog safe in your home and around dog toys. Including special advice for Halloween.Read more

Tips for a dog friendly Easter

Vet Jo Bennett shares her top tips for keeping your dog safe at Easter around chocolate, other hazardous foods, seasonal plants and other things to look out for.Read more

What to do if an adder bites your dog

Jen Sinclair, My Family Pet Vet and Clinical Director at London Road Vets in Norfolk, shares her expertise on what to do if an adder bites your dogRead more

Alabama Rot - What is it and how to protect your dog

We take a look at what Alabama Rot is, why it’s more common at this time of year and how you can keep your dog safe from it.Read more

Top tips for a dog safe garden

We all love seeing dogs playing in our gardens, but how do we make it a safe experience for them? Here's how to pet proof your garden for dogsRead more

How to introduce your dog to children

It can be daunting introducing a dog to small children so we've put together a guide on how to do it safely. Here's how to introduce your dog to children.Read more

Top tips to help keep your dog safe and warm

When the temperatures drop we know how to keep ourselves warm, but it’s important to remember that our pups might need a bit of extra help to keep cosy in the winter months too.Read more

Mysterious Dog Virus Sweeps the UK

We've heard there's been a dog virus affecting a few of our doggy friends around the country. Here's what we know so far.Read more

3 tips for managing your dog's laundry

Keeping everything clean and safe for your dog can be a challenge. Here's our 3 top ways to manage and pawfect your dog's laundryRead more

What to do if your dog has breathing difficulties

If your dog is struggling to breathe it can be very worrying, so here's veterinary advice on what to do if your dog has breathing difficultiesRead more

What to do if your dog is bleeding

If your dog is bleeding it can be serious. So we've asked David Owen, a veterinary surgeon what you should do if your dog is bleedingRead more

What to do if your dog has food poisoning

If you dog has eaten something they shouldn't then it can be hard to know what to do, so we've asked David Owen, a veterinary surgeon, what to do if your dog has food poisoningRead more

What to do if your dog is dealing with trauma

David Owen, a veterinary surgeon from VetsNow Manchester, gives some helpful advice on what to do when your dog is dealing with trauma.Read more

What do if your dog was to collapse

Collapsing can be a sign of very serious conditions so you need to know what to do if a dog in your care collapses. Here's vet advice on what do if your dog was to collapse.Read more

Tips for dogs on Bonfire Night: how to calm your dog during fireworks

Top tips to keep your dog calm, safe, happy and stress-free during the fireworks for Guy Fawkes or Bonfire Night. Read more

How to clean your dog's ears

Proper ear care is essential for your dog’s health and our friends over at White Cross Vets have shared these tips on how to make the process as easy as possible.Read more

7 Tips for your 'Welcome Woof'

Prepare for your first meeting with a new dog by reading these tips for borrowers. This will ensure your ‘Welcome Woof’ runs as smoothly as possibleRead more

Dogs and Poisonous Plants

Our pawsome pals over at ProFlowers have pulled together this super interesting list of 199 plants that are poisonous to dogs (and cats!)Read more

Caring for your new puppy

There's a lot to think about when you're getting a new puppy. So here's our guide on how to best look after your new puppy, full of hints, tips and useful advice.Read more

How to Socialise your Rescue Dog

Want to give your rescue dog the best life possible? A membership to BorrowMyDoggy helps dogs become happier and more socialised. Read more

Christmas Dog Safety Tips

Christmas is coming, and that means lots of fun for you and your best fluffy friend. But what should you look out for to make sure the festive season is as safe as possible?Read more

Dog Training Tip: 8 tips for a stress-free bath time

Bath time is often not a favourite thing for dogs. So we've put together a guide with advice and tips for a stress-free bath time for your pup.Read more

How to clean your dog’s teeth

Health teeth are essential for a healthy pup, so here's vet advice on some easy tips to improve your dog’s dental health. Read more