Choosing a breed

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Top 5 laziest dog breeds

Fun facts about the laziest dogsRead more

Top 5 longest living dog breeds

Fun facs about the longest living dogsRead more

International Dog Breeds

Are you ready to journey across the globe? Celebrate International Dog Day with us by taking a look at dog breeds from around the world! Read more

Are dogs good for children?

Our kids love spending time with their fuzzy friends. But as much as they love them, the important question is, are dogs good for children?Read more

Top 10 UK Dog Names 2023

Have you ever wondered what the most popular names for dogs are in the UK? Well you don’t need to wonder anymore, here are BorrowMyDoggy’s top names, for top dogs!Read more

Top 5 dogs for living in the city

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Puppy Shopping List

Bringing a new puppy home is such an exciting time, and there a few things you may want to get before you new family member moves in. Here are some great items your pup will love!Read more

Should I get a dog?

This guide will help you ask yourself the important questions. Whether you’re considering getting a puppy or rehoming an adult dog, take informed decisions about the next big step!Read more

The Best Dog For Canicross?

What is the best dog for Canicross? We believe in “Any Breed, Any Speed”, but in this article, we explore important considerations to decide whether your dog is good for Canicross.Read more

Top 5 Fastest Dogs

Fun facts about the fastest dogs. Is your dog built for speed? See if your four legged sprinter made it onto our list of the five fastest dog breeds.Read more

Top 5 smartest dogs

Fun facts about the smartest dogs. Looking for a four-legged Einstein? Here’s a roundup of the five smartest dog breeds. Discover them today with BorrowMyDoggy!Read more

Top 5 dogs for first time owners

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Top 5 dogs with the best sense of smell

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Top 5 dog breeds for living in the country

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Top 5 most active dog breeds

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Choosing a dog: what to consider and tips for choosing a dog

A guide to choosing a dog and what to consider when thinking about getting a dog. Read more

The cost of dog ownership

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Can you have a dog in a flat?

Is it fair for a dog to live in a flat? How to tell if the dog is suited to the flat? We learn more with My Family Vets!Read more

Choosing the best dogs for children

Discover the best dog breeds for children with our expert guide. From loyal Labradors to energetic Beagles, find the perfect family companion 🐶 today! Read more

Top 5 Biggest Dog Breeds

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The best dog breeds for seniors

Discover our top 5 best dog breeds for older people in the UK to find out what breed of (small) dogs are best suited for retirees or the elderly. Read more

How To Buy A Dog Responsibly

Here at BorrowMyDoggy, we want to help guide you through some of the options and help you experience the joy of dog ownership responsibly. Read more here.Read more

Mixed Breed Dogs

Mixed breed dogs are loving, diverse and deserve just as much love as pedigrees. If you are eager to find out more about mixed breed dogs or want to adopt, why not borrow one?Read more

Famous Dog Characters & Quiz

Snoopy, Pluto, Goofy and all of our childhood favourites filled us with joy for hours! With all that time we spent watching them do you know what breed some of our favourite characters are?Read more

Thinking about getting a rescue dog?

Getting a rescue dog can be very rewarding, and really change a dog’s life for the better, so here’s some top tips on what you should do before finding your pawfect pooch.Read more

Top 5 dogs that shed the least

Fun facts about dogs that shed the least. Thinking of getting a dog, but don’t want to deal with tons of shedding fur and hair? Here are our top five dog breedsRead more

Top 5 best running dog buddies

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Top 5 smallest dog breeds

Looking to borrow or take on your own small breed dog? Well, here’s our top 5 smallest dog breeds and what to think about when looking to spend time with a petite pooch.Read more

Should You Get a Puppy?

Getting a new puppy can be a wonderful and rewarding adventure, but before making such a big commitment it’s important to ask yourself the right questions.Read more

What Dog Are You? | Quiz

Have you ever thought about how you’d spend your day if you were a dog? Or find a doggy match for your personality! Do our quiz and we’ll tell you which dog is your spirit animal!Read more

Most Popular Dog Names UK | Top 300

Ever wondered what the most popular dog names in the UK are? We've listed the top 300 most popular names on BorrowMyDoggy for you to take inspiration from!Read more

Dogs That Look Like Their Owners

We’ve all come across the strange phenomenon of a dog and human who look alike. And no matter how many times this happens, it's always a wagnificent spectacle! But why does it happen?Read more

Dog Book Characters

We have six great suggestions of dog characters you can dress up as to celebrate the great literary day of World Book Day - how pawsome.Read more

Alaskan Malamute Names

Look for inspiration in our list of 100 Alaskan Malamute names. Discover the perfect name for your Alaskan Malamute today!Read more

Akita names

Look for inspiration in our list of 50+ Akita names. Discover the perfect name for your Akita today!Read more

Adorable Dogs & Dogs with Funny Faces 🐶

Cute Puppies and Funny Dogs to give you the gigglesRead more