Waggy Tales - Borrower Sarah, London
Press and news6 February 2014Waggy Tales - Borrower Sarah, London

Waggy Tales - Borrower Sarah, London

Today we’d like to bring you the story of Sarah, who has made a lovable pooch friend via BorrowMyDoggy. Sarah signed-up to fill the dog-shaped hole in her life and matched with Tilly, a gorgeous Cocker Spaniel puppy. By Sarah taking care of Tilly, it gave the owner peace of mind that her pooch is being well taken care of when she’s at work, whilst Tilly got even more love and exercise.

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I love all dogs, they're such happy things! I had a wonderful Labrador for 16 years and I miss her so much. I’m not in a position to own a dog at the moment, which is why BorrowMyDoggy was such a find.

Working as a freelancer, often in evenings and on weekends, I have spare time during the day and I can’t think of a better way to spend it, than by making a dog feel a bit less lonely. Plus it does everyone the world of good to get out for a walk.

I was pleased to get a message from someone only a few weeks after signing up. The owner needed some help with her gorgeous puppy, Tilly, as she had a new job and would no longer be able to take her dog with her to work. She needed someone to keep Tilly company once a week which was perfect because I was looking for a dog to keep me company during the day.

We chatted through the site quite a bit before arranging our first meeting, the Welcome Woof. I could tell she was nervous about letting someone look after her puppy, so it was important to show her I was trustworthy.

Now we have a great arrangement that suits everyone. I help out Tilly’s owner by taking Tilly usually once a week, Tilly gets more exercise and attention and I’ve got some dog time back in my life. It’s a win-win situation. People ask me if I get paid for it but I say I like that it's entirely voluntary. If money changed hands, then you couldn't guarantee that the borrower was doing it out of a love for dogs.

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