Three tips for a pawsome 'Welcome Woof'
Press and news16 June 2014Three tips for a pawsome 'Welcome Woof'

Three tips for a pawsome 'Welcome Woof'

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It is lovely to see so many people and pooches making new friends across the country every day. An essential step when you em-bark on your BorrowMyDoggy journey is the ‘Welcome Woof’, the first meet and greet for the owner, borrower, and doggy to get to know each other.

Ready to em-bark on your ‘Welcome Woof’? Here are BorrowMyDoggy’s top three tips to ensure you have the best time pawsible:

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  1. Meet in public - We recommend you meet for your first ‘Welcome Woof’ in a public place, like a local park. Most people meet several times before the borrower takes care of the dog alone, and sometimes even do house visits to ensure everyone is comfortable and tail-waggingly happy.
  2. Communication is key - It’s so impawtant that members get to know each other well, just as when a friend, family member, or dog walker takes care of a dog. We recommend asking as many questions as possible; from eating habits to pawsonality quirks, our pawsome friends David and Hannah from Cuffe Vets share the ten questions to sniff out at your ‘Welcome Woof’.
  3. Family and Friends - If you decide to bring a friend, family member or partner with you to the ‘Welcome Woof’, that is absowoofly fine, just let the owner or borrower know out of courtesy. If you’d like to introduce the dog to children, please do read our advice in the FAQs.

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After you’ve had a wagtastic ‘Welcome Woof’, here are the 7 ways to know when doggy and borrowers are ready to em-bark on their first solo outing, also courtesy of Cuffe Vets.

Borrowers, before you meet with any owners, please make sure that your home is safe for dogs.

BorrowMyDoggy’s aim is to make a positive impact on the lives of dogs and people by building local dog loving communities. We absowoofly love hearing from our members, so if you ever have any questions or feedback, please do send us an email at woofwoof@borrowmydoggy.com.

Best woofs,

The BorrowMyDoggy Team

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