BorrowMyDoggy BlogPress and news29 January 2021Has your pooch got a PitPat?

Has your pooch got a PitPat?

It’s no secret that, here at BorrowMyDoggy, we believe that dog’s deserve the very best lives possible. From spending less time alone to receiving all the love and attention possible. Luckily there are many ways out there to help our pooches, like trips to the friendly vet, charities offering great dog advice and also dog activity trackers.

Have you heard of dog activity trackers?

As a dog owner you may have already come across different dog trackers that are on offer. There are those that simply track your dog’s location (particularly handy if your dog often likes to go off on their own adventures!) and those that track activity too. But, you may ask, why does my dog need one?

Our pawsome pals at PitPat have shared some further information with us about their dog activity monitor:

“PitPat dog activity monitor is a fun and easy way to see what your dog's been up to all day - from their time spent playing to walkies to napping on the sofa! You can even use it to check how much activity they've done while someone else (like a borrower!) is caring for them, so you know if they need that extra walk or not.”

To learn more about their monitors and why to use them here.

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Whether you have a puppy or a senior dog, trackers can be a very helpful tool to aid owners understand not only how much exercise their dog is getting and requires but can assist vets understand their health and weight too.

Interested in getting your pup a PitPat of their own? Wooftastic news we have an exclusive code for our members! To redeem 30% off a PitPat monitor simply enter this code:



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