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Pawprints of Happiness

After having spoken with lots of owners, borrowers and petted lots of cute doggies of all types and shapes, and some thinking time in our kennel at home, we realised the word that we all kept on using when we talked about BorrowMyDoggy was happiness. By all of us working and woofing together we can make a difference to each other’s and doggies lives and spread smiles & tail wags….


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What happens when an owner lends a doggy to a local, trusted borrower?

  • The borrower enjoys tail-wagging happy doggy time;
  • The owner gets free time to do what they need or want to do, without leaving their doggy alone;
  • The doggy is happy from getting additional attention and love;
  • The owner finds happiness in helping another dog-lover, by giving them doggy time (because it is always wonderful to help a neighbour)! Lots of owners remember what it was like before they had a doggy in their life and how much they missed having one – some even said they would have used BorrowMyDoggy if it had existed before they had their own pooch.

People also get to know each other better in their local community and make new human friends, as they start sniffing each other out during walkies and playtime!

Based on these wonderful outcomes, BorrowMyDoggy’s mission is to spread “Pawprints of Happiness” on the lives of people and dogs.

We believe that every doggy deserves the best life possible. With you, our pawsome members, we can help make this happen, and make a difference to each others’ lives :)

Love and tail wags,

The BorrowMyDoggy Team x

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