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How to favourite

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As a borrower, the best way to stay at the front of the pack when it comes to finding a match is to make good use of our favourites function. You can do this by having a sniff around all the lovely doggies in your area and favouriting the ones you’d love to have some extra playtime and cuddles with. Every evening, the owners will receive an email notifying them of who has favourited their four legged furry friend, so paws crossed you will start getting some matches. Generally, owners pick borrowers based on their location, availability and information on their profiles.

For now only owners can contact borrowers. This is because with all the cute pooches we have on our site, owners would all be inundated with messages from borrowers if it was the other way round! The favourites button was introduced to allow borrowers to let owners know they are interested.

Another thing you can do is read our blog on top tips for a top profile, to increase your chances of getting a match. Once your account has been verified by your address, phone number and photo then you’re ready to go. Some of our owners are only reaching a paw out to verified members, so this is definitely something we recommend doing.

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