Fireworks and your doggy
Press and news27 October 2014Fireworks and your doggy

Fireworks and your doggy

With Guy Fawkes Night fast approaching, our pawsome pals at Dogs Trust have come up with some top tips to make sure your poochy pal enjoys a happy and calm evening. High paws!

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Top Tips

  • Only walk your pooch at times when they are not going to be exposed to fireworks.
  • Avoid letting your doggy off the lead when in areas of risk to firework exposure.
  • Always make sure your doggy is wearing identification tags, even if you’re just letting them out in the garden to toilet.
  • Create a safe place in your home for your doggy to retreat to and have some peace and quiet.
  • Keep them busy by engaging them in activities like simple training or food activity toys.
  • Try not to leave your doggy alone in the house when fireworks are being used. If you have a regular borrower, why not see if they can look after your doggy even for a few hours whilst the fireworks are going off.
  • Close curtains and leave the TV or radio on to try to mask the sound.

Dogs Trust has lots more helpful information, including a specific training plan, that you can read here for more detailed advice. Also, you can always contact your vet to discuss options to help your dog through fireworks season.

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