Does BorrowMyDoggy have legs?
Press and news18 January 2013Does BorrowMyDoggy have legs?

Does BorrowMyDoggy have legs?

BorrowMyDoggy’s earliest steps are some of our fondest, and most exciting and cherished memories – like those of each tiny puppy!

We had two questions that we needed to answer before launching BorrowMyDoggy…. 1) Was it just us few that missed doggy time? And 2) was Aston the only doggy who needed more friends when her owner was busy….? We went to find out!

We took our little noses to Hampstead Heath and Village, as well as other doggy hotspots in London, and started… public woofing! It was also a very cheeky excuse to get a little doggy time of our own, too :)

Let’s start with question two… Do more doggies need extra friends?

We spoke to lots of wonderful, friendly, and caring doggy owners about how they looked after their doggies – friends, family, sitters, walkers, kennels! Lots of options, but much to our surprise and delight – most owners were pretty keen on the idea of lending their beloved doggy to a local and trusted borrower who loves doggies too! If they got to know them, that is. So the answer to question two…? Yes! There are doggies out there, who would love to have a new friend or two.

Now, for question one… Is it just us that missed doggy time?

Oh my DOGNESS. Is grass green? Is water wet? Do spaniels love getting muddy? We could not BELIEVE the response we’ve had from pining doggy lovers who miss spending time with their pooches! From Labradors, Jack Russells, Rotties, Poodles, Staffies, Spaniels, Dachshunds, Huskies, and mixtures of all sorts – you ladies and gentlemen love - and miss – them all!! Possibly as much as we do, and sometimes even more :)

We spoke to many dog-less doggy-lovers, and quickly realised that deep down, we were all united in feeling a little, warm, fuzzy doggy shaped gap in our lives. Whether due to long hours at work, regular travel, living space or rental agreements – there were very practical reasons behind people missing out on the joys of having a doggy. But the love is all there, and waiting for the right doggy to come along!

Two Yesses. BorrowMyDoggy… has legs.

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We want to send out gigantic THANK YOU WOOFS to everyone we’ve spoken to so far!!! We are so grateful to all of the wonderful dog lovers we’ve chatted with in our earliest days - those who put up with having us doggy-mad team members pouncing on them in parks, cafes, and on the street. You have been so warm and welcoming to us and our woofs – and we could not appreciate your time, openness, and thoughts more. You have helped us to shape BorrowMyDoggy into a really happy, safe and helpful puppy of a company! We are turning two Yesses into spreading 'Pawprints of Happiness' to doggies and humans alike… high paws!

We haven’t grown up yet, though – and like any puppy, every day is an adventure! We are always so happy to hear your thoughts and your woofs on what you love and what else we can do!

You can get in touch anytime, just drop us an email to woofwoof@borrowmydoggy.com - we’d be delighted to hear from you!

Tail wags and little jumps!

The BorrowMyDoggy Team x

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