BorrowMyDoggy’s wonderful members
Press and news23 January 2013BorrowMyDoggy’s wonderful members

BorrowMyDoggy’s wonderful members

Huge warm welcome woofs to all our wonderful members! And a huge thank you to everyone for welcoming BorrowMyDoggy so warmly into your lives, too!

There is just so much LOVE for doggies! Many owners would love their dog to have extra friends, and to bring another person happiness. With so many wonderful and willing borrowers, there is no reason for any doggo to be left out of the fun! All our owners and borrowers have a mutual understanding and appreciation of what it means to spend time with a dog.

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We’ve loved hearing all your stories! And these stories have motivated us to work even harder to make BorrowMyDoggy as pawsome as it can be…

Owners: Most owners join because they see the opportunity to help their dog have extra love and walkies. They’d also love to make another dog lover happy, by giving them the chance to spend time with their dog. Our doggy owners include busy families with young children, professionals with a doggy at home all day and those looking for a weekend holiday home for their pooch. We also have members who due to illness or injury, are finding it harder to care for their dog, and benefit from local borrowers helping out. We even have some owners who are looking for other doggies for their dog to play and socialise with!

Borrowers: We have received equally wonderful signups from people who would love to take care of another person’s dog because they are not able to have one themselves full-time. Our borrowers are everything from school teachers in the countryside, lawyers in the city, to families, students and retirees who are free in afternoons and would love to take dogs for walks.

One thing everyone has in common is a love for doggies!

We want to make dog sharing the best service it can be - so if you have any thoughts and suggestions please share them with us at: woofwoof@borrowmydoggy.com.

We look forward to growing up with you!

Woofs and ear scratches,

The BorrowMyDoggy Team

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