We are a United Kingdom of dog lovers!
Just for fun21 August 2017We are a United Kingdom of dog lovers!

We are a United Kingdom of dog lovers!

The results are in! It's official, we are a nation of dog lovers, high paws!

Our pawsome pals at Sainsbury's have shared their findings from a recent survey about the nations favourite pet with us, and we couldn't wait to share them with you. Amongst some of their wooftastic stats, it has been found that our favourite dog breed is the Cocker Spaniel, whilst London dogs tend to be shorter and lighter than the rest of the UK. You can even take a closer look at how your local area compares to other animal loving regions across the UK here. So without further ado here is what they've discovered:

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We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about the nations favourite animals as much as we do. Wishing you a wagnificent day :)

Woofs and tail-wags,

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