Wagulous pet gift guide
Just for fun22 November 2018Wagulous pet gift guide

Wagulous pet gift guide

Black Friday is in full swing, Cyber Monday is on it’s way and Christmas is just around the corner. With deals left, right and centre you’d be mad not to treat your pup to something new - they are a special member of the family after all.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one buying gifts for your pets. Over 60% of owners buy accessories for their pet as well as birthday and Christmas presents. With that in mind, where does one start with their pet shopping? Well our friends at Sainsbury’s Bank have provided us with a pawsome gift guide for pets.

Whether you’re an owner looking to treat your furry pal or a borrower browsing for a present for your new four-legged friend, we’re sure you’ll find something they’ll like:

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Time to start shopping!

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