Tips for the Waggiest Tail in Town
Just for fun10 January 2014Tips for the Waggiest Tail in Town

Tips for the Waggiest Tail in Town

We all know that doggies love nothing more than tummy-rubs and ear-ruffles, but here are a couple of wagnificent tips to help make your doggy (owned or borrowed!) even happier :)

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Go swimming!

Lots of doggies love to go swimming, and this is a great way to keep them active and healthy. They love it even more when you go with them, so if this is possible then why don’t you and your pooch go and have a paddle :)

They love to play

Dogs love to run around and play, it is just the way they are. A good way to keep your dog nice and active is to take some time out of your day to play with them. Find out what games are your doggy’s favourite, from tug-of-war to chasing them around the garden, these will be sure to keep any doggy amused for hours at a time.

Keep them stimulated

All dogs have to be left alone from time to time, so when you do have to go out then try to keep them busy, and stimulated. Toys that dispense treats slowly are great for times like this.

Make a fuss of them

Everyone knows that dogs love attention. Patting your dog, scratching their tummy and rubbing their ears are just some of the affection that dogs love the most.

Dogs are part of the family

Dogs are pack animals, so they love being part of a group. Treating your doggy as part of the family, with lots of love and care, will be sure to make your loveable pooch happier than anything.

So now that you’ve read these useful tips, why not try them out yourself and look out for the smile on your dog’s face :)

Woofs and tail-wags,

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