Five things you didn’t know about dogs
Just for fun6 January 2014Five things you didn’t know about dogs

Five things you didn’t know about dogs

There are tonnes of wagtastic facts about doggies that many people don’t know about… We’ve had a sniff around and found 5 that we thought were absowoofly pawsome!

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Why do dogs chase their tails?

This is a habit that comes from instinct; dogs chase their tails in the wild to flatten the grass for a comfortable sleeping area, so you will often find your dog doing this before it lies down. You’ll also often see a doggy chasing their tail when they’re excited, so keep an eye out for this just before you take them for a walk.

Noseprint Identity

Just like our fingertips, all dogs have individual patterns on their nose, making them all completely unique to one another.

Dogs are allergic to chocolate

Ever been tempted to give your furry friend your last rolo? Research has proven that dogs are highly allergic to chocolate so as tempted as you may be to give them some, save it all for yourself :)

Dogs have webbed feet

Have you ever got close enough to a pooches feet to notice that they are webbed? Not all breeds have this, it is mainly working dogs and other breeds that have a natural attraction to water. Having weebed feet simply helps the dogs steer themselves better whilst they are swimming, high paws!

Dogs can read our faces

Securing their position as mans best friend, recent studies have found that dogs can read our facial expressions, and are capable of being able to tell when we are happy, sad, pleased or angry, how absowoofly wonderful.

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