8 dog accessories you didn't think you needed... Until now
Just for fun4 April 20188 dog accessories you didn't think you needed... Until now

8 dog accessories you didn't think you needed... Until now

We love our dogs so much that we often end up searching the deep depths of the Internet for doggy related products that, well, let’s be honest we really don’t need. Not to worry we often find ourselves doing the same thing (what better way to spend a Friday evening, right?) and on our hunt we’ve come across some amazing products. So here are 8 dog accessories that you wish you’d known about sooner. You probably don’t need them but... *adds to Amazon basket*.

Selfie toy

We can’t deny we love a good selfie, and what’s make a selfie 100 times better? Dogs. Obviously. But getting your pooch to look at your selfie camera doesn’t come naturally, so without further ado may we introduce the dog selfie stick. A tennis ball attachment, guaranteed to produce the best and most cutest dog selfies around. We’re ordering 5.

Doggy umbrella

Rain is sadly quite the regular occurrence for us Brits, but it shouldn’t stop us taking our four-legged friends for their walk. Humans have umbrellas so why shouldn’t dogs. We’ve found a doggy umbrella that attaches to their lead so they stay dry in the wet weather.

Dog camera

It can often be a worry when you’re leaving your doggy home alone for awhile. Well, we have we found the invention for you. This WiFi enabled camera allows you to check in on your dog while their at home, talk to them and even throw treats at them to ensure they are behaving themselves while your away. Absowoofly ingenious.

Dog beer and Pawsecco

Doggy member Lola

After a long day at work nothing beats sitting back and enjoy an ice cold beverage. But what about your dog? Now they can be included in the festivities with doggy beer and pawsecco so you’ll never drink alone.

Nerf dog tennis ball blaster

Anyone can have a standard ball thrower, but we’ve found the best ball thrower out there. The Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster. It blasts tennis balls over 50ft in the air and it’s guaranteed your furry friend will have endless hours of joy. What are you waiting for? Lock and load pups!

A superdog hero

Doggy member (and office dog) Charlie

Everyone enjoys a good game of dress up and now your furry friend can join it too. Your dog is without doubt your favourite superhero anyway, so why not find them a pawfect costume. We may or may not have already purchased this for our office dog Charlie…

Bubbles for dogs

Bubbles. So simple yet so fun. Get your dog, borrowed or owned, involved in the fun with some pet and child friendly bubbles, guaranteed family fun. There is even bacon flavoured bubbles. Yes, seriously.

Pooch carry pouch

You’ll never leave your furry best friend behind with this pouch. Simply pop your pooch in and carry them around wherever you go. What’s more it comes in three different colours - we’re definitely going with pink.

A cuddly pet

OK this last one isn’t for the dog… It’s for the humans. This American company creates near-perfect replicas of your pet in cuddly version. We were blown away with some of them, why not take a look for yourself. We know what we’re asking Santa paws for Christmas.

We can’t wait to see what those genius doggy inventors come up with next. We hope you enjoyed looking through these doggy products, now we don’t know about you but we’re going back to surf through Amazon…

Woofs and tail wags,

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