The 'pawsome' benefits of BorrowMyDoggy
Health and advice9 May 2021The 'pawsome' benefits of BorrowMyDoggy

The 'pawsome' benefits of BorrowMyDoggy

We love hearing from our members as their experiences and stories is what makes our community so great. Many of our members have expressed that spending time with a dog through BorrowMyDoggy has greatly improved their mental health, but it’s not just us humans who benefit from extra walks, company and treats. Some of our BorrowMyDoggy owners have also shared the benefit that borrowers have had on their dogs happiness and health.

Don’t just take our word for it though! We wanted to share some of our member stories about how using the site has helped their health and wellbeing in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Owner Lizzie told us how she decided to join BorrowMyDoggy because she “suffers with multiple chronic pain conditions and depression and finds it very difficult and painful to walk Betsy.

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As an owner the borrowers have helped me immensely with my depression. I have to get up and out of bed and get Betsy ready; and the meeting of lovely people has lifted my mood so much.” Not only have the borrowers helped Lizzie feel better, her pup Betsy has lost weight which has helped her both physically and mentally.

After being furloughed for most of 2020 and some of 2021, borrower Rebecca “knew she wanted some companionship from a furry friend for her daily walks.

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When we asked how the experience with BorrowMyDoggy had changed her life, she said “It has been the best decision I have made to aid my mental health throughout these tough times. My friendship with Charlie the dog and his owner has truly been my saving grace this lockdown. I can’t recommend BorrowMyDoggy enough for those struggling to get out more or feeling lonely.

Borrower Kate joined BorrowMyDoggy as her “family has always wanted a dog, but we have not been in a position to do so. Now, nearly every weekend, we look after Pepper, a lovely Cockapoo who is helping our children understand how to look after a dog.

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Having her around helps us all physically because we go on more walks, which we would have never done before, and it also relaxes me mentally as I take time to go out rather than rushing around the house. The biggest surprise has been the people I meet when walking - I never realised how friendly dog owners are and there are ready made communities at the park you go to every day. I would recommend BorrowMyDoggy to anyone that loves dogs, but can't have one themselves."

Carolyn has found BorrowMyDoggy to be helpful for owners, borrowers and the dog. She found “some lovely people in our area, all united by the love of dogs.

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In particular, their regular borrower Yvonne, takes their dog Gracie for a walk at the weekend. “The benefits for Gracie are that she gets a young, enthusiastic person to take her for a good workout. She thrives on variety, and I think it’s good for a dog’s mental health if their day-to-day life is mixed up every now and then with different experiences. What’s more is it gives us a break every now and then, but most importantly it means someone else gets the pleasure of a lovely dog walk along our beautiful coastline.

Borrower Katie joined the site as she was missing her dog after moving out of her parents home.

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She expressed that “Joining BorrowMyDoggy has changed my life completely, it has brought so much joy to my life. Not only has it brought me happiness, but it has helped me to get out walking, supporting my mental health after working from home for nearly 18 months.” Not only has borrowing a dog helped her, Katie has also found that walking a dog rather than alone has allowed her to “connect with people locally where I don’t really know many people.

Charlotte can’t currently own a dog due to living in London and having a busy professional life.

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She was able to find “two great families who own the best dogs I could ever wish to walk.” She told us how “BorrowMyDoggy is great for my mental health, physical health and also benefits the community. I have found wonderful neighbours in my local area. I have beautiful dogs in my life and also some new great people. It’s win win for everyone involved.

We asked owner Yvonne how her pup Daisy has benefited from BorrowMyDoggy and her reply was that “Daisy seems 5 years younger and enjoys charming her new friends!

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Not only that but “she has made new friends and seems much more content as she gets loads of extra walks.” The benefit for Yvonne was that she was “reminded that London is full of caring, lovely honest people who just love dogs… plain and simple.”

It’s not just London that is full of caring dog lovers though. Our wonderful community spans the whole of the UK and Ireland. If you are looking for some four-legged company for yourself or two-legged company for your pooch, BorrowMyDoggy may have the ideal match for you.

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