Is it too late to train your dog?
Health and advice19 October 2017Is it too late to train your dog?

Is it too late to train your dog?

As the clocks go back soon and the end of the year is fast approaching, it got us thinking about time and how it moves so fast!

Remember when you first got your doggy and how quickly those months went? Wishing there was more time to get that essential training done at the beginning and get behaviour off to a good start.

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Doggy member Poppy

When your dog is being introduced to a new borrower we all want them to be on their best behaviour but sometimes the excitement just gets too much. So with time on our minds we’ve been asking ourselves recently, is it ever too late to train your dog?

We asked our friend Zoe at Bushey Tails, a dog and puppy training business in Bushey, Hertfordshire what she thought…

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Doggy member Dino

We would never say no to training a dog. Unfortunately, in some cases, it is too late to CHANGE behaviour, but it’s never too late to try and IMPROVE it.

If you’ve just got a cheeky pooch who’s skipped past the training stage, there are things that can be done. However, this does depend on your dog’s ability to see and hear your commands, if they are elderly or deaf and blind, this will be significantly more difficult.

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Doggy member Gunther

There are certain behaviours that are embedded after years of routine. Just as you have yours, they have theirs and it can be hard to train it out of them.

Changing any part of your routine is going to be confusing and it can have a knock on effect to the rest of your day. The same can be said for your dog especially around feeding and sleeping time.

However a little disruption can be helpful. A strict routine means you can’t be flexible if it needs to change due to a holiday, short trip or even a family member visiting. So mixing things up could make some subtle changes to your dog’s behaviour which will make you both happier.

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Doggy member Django

Our training is done using positive, reward based methods so that their behaviour gains them a reward, rather than what is ignored. This type of training is enjoyable for all as there is always an element of choice - so that when the positive outcome is achieved it's even better.

This could include jumping up at people, pulling on the lead, begging, digging and plenty of other unwanted behaviours but working this way means we encourage positive behaviour so that the negative behaviour appears less often. Even when you dog is slightly older they will still understand that doing something good = treats!

For example, if a dog has learnt that if he digs they will get a treat as you are trying to get them to stop, he will see this as a positive behaviour. We can prevent this behaviour by ignoring them when they dig, so that there is no reward or reaction.

Over time they will start to learn that digging is no longer rewarded with a treat, so why do it?”

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Doggy member Wilf

So why not try your hands - and paws! - at more positive rewarding. It may teach your pooch to finally leave those bad habits in the past.

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Have a pawsome day!

Woofs and tail-wags,

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