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4 top tips for grooming for your dog in winter

Although the worst of the shedding season may be over and you no longer have large piles of fur collecting in the corner of every room, winter brings its own challenges with your dog’s coat.

If your dog is short-haired or is groomed regularly, you may not need to follow all these tips and should continue with their current grooming schedule. If you are concerned that cutting their hair will leave them cold, you may want to consider a longer cut or a coat.

So, what happens to a dog’s coat in winter? Due to the dropping temperatures, a dog’s coat will thicken to help insulate them.

Tip 1

To avoid matted fur and tangles, consider brushing your dog’s coat regularly. It may even require brushing daily.

Cute red fluffy Cockapoo sitting on the sofa
Doggy member Bagel

Tip 2

Remember to dry them thoroughly after wet walks. Dogs are susceptible to chills too and leaving their coat damp may lead to this.

Winter walks often involve dirt, road salt and a variety of other things being picked up by their fur along the way. Even if they haven’t got wet, giving them a rub down with a towel after each walk will remove the majority of these things. The reason for doing this is that it will reduce irritation and dry, cracked skin caused by these irritants.

Pay special attention to their feet as their pads are highly sensitive and will have the most contact with salts and the cold floor.

We know that bath time isn’t always a dog’s favourite thing to do and it can be tricky to get them to bathe regularly. However, our third tip is to consider more baths.

Golden Retriever out on a winter walk with muddy legs and body
Doggy member Rhubarb

Tip 3

Bathing your dog more often in winter can help avoid dry, itchy skin. This is highly dependent on your dog and their skin though. Using a moisturising shampoo is a great option to soothe their skin and leave them fresh smelling all through the winter.

Cute, freshly groomed Shi-Tzu with a yellow bow round their neck
Doggy member Ziggy

Tip 4

With shorter days and dark evenings, you may not be walking your dog as much as you do in summer. If this is the case, you may want to keep an extra eye on their toenails. Less time walking means less time to wear their claws down. If they look like they are getting long or causing any discomfort, you can get them trimmed or do it yourself.

Fluffy dog jumping up with their paw in the air
Doggy member Cosmo

Is there anything you think is essential winter grooming for your dog? Let us know! Share your tips along with a picture on a wintery walk on over on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter as we love to see borrowers and owners out and about with your pups!

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